Quickie GP Swing-Away Wheelchair

Quickie GP Swing-Away Wheelchair
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Price is not the only factor to consider when buying your new Quickie GP Swing-Away Wheelchair, the fast delivery from Sportaid is a crowd pleaser!


You have four choices of removable swing-away footrest hangers that make the solid rigid frame of the Quickie® GP. The legrests options are impressive as well, including elevating and articulating legrests which are available for increased positioning possibilities. The detachable, height-adjustable armrest option is also offered by the Quickie GP.


  • Increase versatility in your manual, rigid chair with a swing-away front hanger
  • Available with several hanger options (60°, 70°, 70° "V," 90°, elevating and articulating) to provide various lower extremity positioning needs
  • Quickie performance wheels and multiple other caster and rear wheel options available to conform to the daily needs of the user
  • Easy propulsion and premium maneuverability comes standard with four degrees of camber
Product details
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Frame Type  
Frame Width (Seat Width 1/2" Narrower)  
Sling Depth  
Caster Options  
025CS5 - 3/4" Longer Stem Bolt
025CS9 - 1-1/2" Longer Stem Bolt
Xtender Power Assist  
Xtender Power Assit Handrim  
Xtender Power Assit Option  
Rear Wheel  
Rear Wheel Tire  
Axle Plate  
Wheel Locks  
Extension Handle  
025EH1 - 6" Pair( +$68.80)
Grade Aid  
025GA1 - Grade Aid (n/a w/ poly, high-pressure clincher tires)( +$137.60)
Extension Tubes  
Footplate Options  
025HL1 - Heel Loops( +$36.00)
025HL5 - Leg Strap( +$36.00)
025IG2 - Impact Guard Neoprene (60° or 70° hangers only)( +$80.80)
Back Type  
Back Height  
Back Upholstery  
Push Handles  
Side Guard  
Rear Anti-Tip  
025A1 - Black Utility Back Pack( +$68.80)
025A2 - Black/Charcoal Kids( +$55.20)
S025A8 - Seat Pouch - Black( +$45.60)
025A142 - 1.5" Auto Buckle - Positioning Belt( +$64.00)
025A12 - 2" Aircraft Buckle - Positioning Belt( +$100.80)
025A13 - 2" Aircraft Buckle Padded - Positioning Belt( +$108.80)
025A23 - Black Spoke Guard( +$104.80)
025A24 - Clear Spoke Guard( +$104.80)
025A52 - Crutch Holder (right side mount)( +$178.40)
025A53 - Crutch Holder (left side mount)( +$178.40)
025A55 - Extra Leg Strap - Black( +$28.00)
025A83 - Tool Kit( +$49.60)
025A999 - Quickie Water Bottle and Holder( +$49.60)
025A31 - Tray Table( +$233.60)
Frame Colors
Learn more
Aztec Gold
Black (n/a w/Zebra)
Black Cherry
Black Opal
Blue Opal
Candy Blue
Candy Purple
Candy Red
Electric Blue
Green Apple
Hot Sparkle Pink
Mauve Pink
Sparkle Silver
Sunrise Orange
Titanium Color Paint
Matte Black
Matte Black Cherry
Matte Electric Blue
Matte Evergreen
Matte Purple
Desert Camouflage( +$360.80)
Mossy Oak Camouflage( +$360.80)
Stars and Stripes( +$360.80)
Zebra (choose base color above)( +$360.80)

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The Ultimate Rigid Frame
The Ultimate Rigid Frame

With over 25 years of loyal users, the GP's hand-crafted box frame has stood the test of time. Its one piece construction exceeds Quickie's superior standard of quality and delivers an unmatched rigid feel to your wheelchair.

Tapered and Swing-Away
Front Frame Options

The GP's multiple front frame options and angles give you the positioning you need without having to sacrifice a rigid frame wheelchair. Choose between the standard GP, tapered GPV for increased maneuverability, or the GP Swing-Away for easy transfers and the option of elevating legrests.

 Tapered and Swing-Away Front Frame Options
 Sports Performance
Sports Performance

The GP isn't just another everyday wheelchair - it will give you an edge in your next basketball or tennis game as well. The tapered GPV front frame, optional Quickie Performance wheels, and up to 12° of wheel camber combine for exceptional maneuverability on and off court.

Built to meet the requirements of HCPCS code: K0005
Product Weight: Approx. 24.5 lbs. w/o footrests
Product Width: 12" - 20" seat width
Product Length/Depth: 12" - 22" seat depth
Product Height: 15.5" - 18" seat to floor
Shipping Dimensions (box 1): 31"w / 24"h / 24"d
Ship Method(s): Ground, Next Day, 2 Day, 3 Day
Product Weight Capacity: 250 lbs.
Shipping Weight: 50 lbs.
Overall Width 22.5" - 30.5"
Caster Options 3", 5", 5 X 1.5", 5 X 2", 6",
6 X 1.5", 8", 8" X 2"
Rear Wheel Options 22", 24", 26"
Axle Options Standard- stainless steel, optional Titanium, and Quad release axle nuts
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