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Bard Catheter Supplies & Urologicals


Sportaid specializes in providing Urological Supplies at affordable prices. We offer a full line of Bard urological supplies to simplify things and keep it all sanitary. Our objective is to provide levels of freedom you want and need, so we stock everything from Bard Red Rubber Catheters to the Bardia Silicone Elastomer Latex Foley Catheter or Bard Extension Tube Latex to reduce the risk of urinary tract infections.


Browse through our wide selection of Bard Catheter Supplies & Urologicals below or feel free to call 1-800-743-7203 if you need more information on the product or for help purchasing the right equipment today. You'll be glad you did! Our expert guidance and years of experience will help you in choosing best equipment for yourself.


Save as much as 50% by getting your Bard Catheter Supplies & Urologicals from Sportaid!


Bard Coude Tip Tiemann Catheters 12-18 Fr
(0 reviews)  
Retail: $77.00 save 9%

Bard Red Rubber Catheters 8-22 Fr
(0 reviews)  
Retail: $17.50 save 14%

Bardia Silicone Elastomer Latex Foley Catheter 5cc
(1 reviews)  
Retail: $22.50 save 24%

Bardex All Silicone Foley Catheters 5cc 12-28 Fr
(0 reviews)  
Retail: $125.20 save 37%

Bardex Lubricath Latex Catheters 5cc 12-26 Fr
(0 reviews)  
Retail: $12.00 save 33%

Bardex Lubricath Coude Foley Catheter 30cc 16-18 Fr
(0 reviews)  
Retail: $33.00 save 36%

Bardex Lubricath Latex Catheters 30cc 16-30 Fr
(0 reviews)  
Retail: $18.50 save 24%

Bard Silastic Latex Foley Catheter 5cc
(0 reviews)  
Retail: $24.00 save 50%

Bardia Silicone Elastomer Latex Foley Catheter 30cc
(0 reviews)  
Retail: $23.50 save 27%

Bard Dispoz-a-Bag Leg Bag w/Cap & Latex Straps
(2 reviews)  
Retail: $5.50 save 18%

Bard Dispoz-a-Bag Leg Bag w/Flip Flo Valve
(1 reviews)  

Bard Dispoz-a-Bag w/Flip-Flo Valve, Sterile Leg Straps, & Ext. Tubing
(1 reviews)  
Retail: $9.00 save 17%

Above and beyond customer service!


Don't miss out on our satisfaction guarantee for new customers as well as those who have been shopping with us for years. After over 25 years in the business helping people find Bard Catheter Supplies & Urologicals at the lowest prices, we continue to lead the industry! We carry a large selection of wheelchair cushions, wheelchair parts, and wheelchair accessories. We are capable of beating any competitor's advertised price, just call! Our customer service staff has over 50 years of experience, plus over 90 years of combined wheelchair use experience. We look forward to working with you!

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