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Continental Wheelchair Tires


Continental has been producing wheelchair tires with the goal of improving the maneuverability of your wheelchair and the smoothness of your ride for years. When you are in the market for new tires for your wheelchair, these Continental Wheelchair Tires are something to consider. The features unique to Continental Wheelchair Tires add up to a level of comfort and convenience that make mobility a true pleasure.


Sportaid is here for you with an exclusive collection of wheelchair tires from Continental, the internationally renowned brand, at affordable prices. With various sizes to choose from, our collection of Continental Tubular Wheelchair Tires is strong, durable and provides stability to the wheelchair while you move safely.


To make your movement swift and safe, browse through our collection of Continental Wheelchair Tires below or feel free to call 1-800-743-7203 for expert assistance. And remember with our Low Price Match Promise, you really will come out a winner big time. Select the best one according to your specifications from top manufacturers, and save big with Sportaid.com's everyday low prices.


Save up to 29% on Continental Wheelchair Tires at Sportaid today!

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Get the advantage of guaranteed satisfaction whether you are a new customer or someone who has been with us for years. After over 25 years in the business helping people find Continental Wheelchair Tires at the lowest prices, we maintain our reputation as the industry leader! Our unique selection of wheelchair cushions, wheelchair parts, and wheelchair accessories. is priced to beat the competition, so call us now for the best deal! Our customer service staff has over 50 years of experience, plus over 90 years of combined wheelchair use experience. We look forward to working with you!

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