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Titanium Wheelchairs

Titanium Wheelchairs from Sportaid.com. Get more for less!


It's not what you push...it's what pushes you! That's our motto, and our goal is to help you push yourself by pairing our unparalleled experience with your drive and determination to push as far as you could want to go! We take our goals seriously, just like you. Whether you are looking for a new Ultra Lightweight Titanium Wheelchair or a Titanium Sports Wheelchair, Sportaid's price and selection are rivaled only by our customer service, and we mean to leave you feeling like a winner every time!

Titanium wheelchairs have long been known as the luxury models of the manual wheelchair world. Ultra-light, flexible and comfortable, titanium offers unmatched durability and beauty.

The main benefit of titanium as a frame material is its incredibly light weight. Titanium is extremely strong, so very little metal is needed to form the tubes that make up the frame. Using less metal without sacrificing resilience means chairs can be made as strong as steel for less than half the weight of aluminum. Most titanium chairs weigh under 20lbs, and some ultra-lights weigh as little as 11lbs.


TiLite 2GX Folding Titanium Wheelchair
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TiLite TR Rigid Titanium Wheelchair
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TiLite TRA Rigid Titanium Wheelchair
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TiLite ZR Rigid Titanium Wheelchair
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Retail: $4,931.00 save 30%

TiLite ZRA Rigid Titanium Wheelchair
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Retail: $4,441.00 save 30%


Find the Right Titanium Wheelchairs for you!


The light weight of a titanium chair means it is easier to propel, and that means less user fatigue. If you have limited upper body mobility or strength, or just spend a lot of time on your wheels, titanium is the ideal choice. It will let you go farther without getting tired and will reduce stress and strain on your aching shoulders at the end of the day. In a lighter chair, more energy from each push will be transferred into forward motion instead of being used against the inertia and friction of a heavier chair. Lighter chairs also stop quicker, which adds to improved responsiveness and maneuverability. For many clients this is a definite plus, depending on their lifestyle and needs. Of course, a lighter chair is also much easier to lift and wrangle in and out of a car, if you use both for transport.

Another main benefit of titanium is durability. Titanium is not only one of the strongest materials available, but it is also resistant to rust or corrosion. Titanium does not get brittle and fatigued with time and use like other metals. So for you, this means less upkeep, less chance of a broken chair needing repairs, and a chair that is easy to keep clean. Years after purchase, a titanium chair will still shine and look brand new. And who has time to wait for repairs or replacement of a broken wheelchair? When you depend on your wheelchair, titanium offers you unmatched reliability.

Finally titanium is slightly more flexible as a material than aluminum and definitely more so than steel. This means the frame will absorb and dampen vibrations from the road during use, leading to a much smoother ride. Users who are sensitive to jarring will find titanium a huge improvement, and any user can benefit from more comfortable use of their wheelchair. Reduced vibrations make your chair more efficient, and that can lower user fatigue as well, making it easier for you to get around and go farther in greater comfort during your day.

Titanium chairs are a positive investment for many wheelchair users. If you frequently have to lift your chair for transport, have limited upper body strength, or just want a durable and more comfortable chair, titanium is a great choice. These ultra-light, ultra-strong chairs can make a real difference in your day to day comfort and mobility.

At Sportaid, we are proud to bring you an extensive collection of Titanium Wheelchairs that are sure to present the best option for you. If you have not experienced the benefits of the strength and light weight of titanium, you are missing out, and there has never been a better time to discover them for yourself. Whether you are a fan of Invacare, Quickie, TiLite, or Top End, the best quality and value for your Titanium Wheelchair purchase can be found here.


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