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Colours Razorblade Wheelchair
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Colours Eclipse Wheelchair
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Colours SpaZz Wheelchair
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Lightweight Rigid Wheelchairs


Sportaid has been considered the expert on lightweight rigid wheelchairs for many years, and we can provide the lightweight rigid frame wheelchair you need with the appropriate accessories to compliment your active lifestyle. Various models are available with titanium as well as aluminum frames. Colours, Invacare, Quickie, and TiLite Lightweight Rigid Wheelchairs offer rigid frame designs that eliminate the additional weight found with folders.

Our huge collection of Lightweight Rigid Wheelchairs includes the Colours Saber Wheelchair, the Invacare A-4 Aluminum the Quickie Q7 Wheelchair, the TiLite Aero R Rigid Aluminum Wheelchair w/Fixed Front, and more. The product selection guide below can help you find exactly what is right for you. Select from the top manufacturers and save big with Sportaid.com's everyday low prices. Browse through our massive collection of rigid wheelchairs or feel free to call 1-800-743-7203 for help choosing the right option today. You'll be glad you did!

Buy a Lightweight Rigid Wheelchair from Sportaid and save up to 49% today!

Colours Lightweight Rigid Wheelchairs
Colours Lightweight Rigid Wheelchairs
Quickie Lightweight Rigid Wheelchairs
Quickie Lightweight Rigid Wheelchairs
TiLite Lightweight Rigid Wheelchairs
TiLite Lightweight Rigid Wheelchairs

Find the Lightweight Rigid Wheelchair for you!


Colours: - Colours Wheelchairs let you get back to a simpler way of life by offering the ultimate adjustability and style you always wanted in a wheelchair. From the Colours Saber Wheelchair to the Razorblade Wheelchair or the SpaZz Wheelchair, you can get the entire collection of Colours Wheelchairs at Sportaid.com. Colours Wheelchairs bring you the ultra smooth ride and eliminate all the bumping and jarring you go through every day.

Invacare: - Invacare's lightweight durable wheelchairs are more compact and easier to transport. Sportaid has the hugest collection of the most adjustable rigid wheelchairs from Invacare including the A-4 Aluminum Wheelchair. The titanium frame wheelchair is simple with its straight-forward design and is easy to adjust for optimal performance.

Quickie: - Sportaid’s collection of Quickie lightweight rigid wheelchairs lets you choose the best option. The Quickie GP/GPV Wheelchair, GP Swing-Away Wheelchair, and the Q7 Wheelchair offer unparalleled options and adjustments.

TiLite: - TiLite offers performance and style in the form of the Rigid Wheelchair with Swingaway Legrests. These products from TiLite exhibit insightful engineering and stylish designs.


Above and beyond customer service!


Whether you are one of our newest customers or among our original and most loyal, we guarantee satisfaction. After over 25 years in the business helping people find Lightweight Rigid Wheelchair at the lowest prices, we continue to lead the industry! We carry a large selection of wheelchair cushions, wheelchair parts, and wheelchair accessories. We are capable of beating any competitor's advertised price, just call! Our customer service staff has over 50 years of experience, plus over 90 years of combined wheelchair use experience. We look forward to working with you!

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