TiLite ZRA Rigid Titanium Wheelchair

TiLite ZRA Rigid Titanium Wheelchair
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Upgrade your ride with Free Spinergy Spox Wheels!


Offer valid for any TiLite Titanium Chair order placed online between August 10th to September 29th! There's never been a better time to buy a new titanium wheelchair. Get yours today!



This Free Spinergy Spox wheel promo is for Black spokes only. This special is for Spinergy Spox and not the Spinergy LX wheels. Orders must be placed no later than than September 29th, 2017! Order must processed and paid in full to qualify.



Price is not the only thing that matters when it comes to buying TiLite ZRA Titanium Wheelchair, live customer service is priceless!


When human energy is engrained within a material object, cool is created. That is what makes the TiLite ZRA Series 2 Titanium Wheelchair among the coolest products of the mobility device market. Adjustability is redefined by the number of options available at the customer's hands. With over 20 frame finishes, six color anodize packages, and titanium tattoos, you can infuse your Z Series with your own human energy and create something really cool.

Combining a great fit with unmatched construction quality and fully customizable options is a sure way to build a wheelchair that performs properly. Get out and experience the amazingly smooth ride of the wheelchair you built of titanium and your own intuition fit for yourself. This is the durability that performs today and performs in five years, no differently.




  • ZRA’s SpeedLoader Adjustable Front Caster Housing is a patent-pending dynamic that adjusts Fork Angle in 1˚ Increments well and fast.
  • The ZRA's super Adjustable Camber Mount integrates TiLite’s Tru-Fit System with up to 3.5” of Rear Seat Height Adjustment.

  • Patent pending SlipStream Single-Sided Fork with Integrated Bumper
  • TiLite's Performance 5-Spoke Soft Roll Wheel adds only 1.6 ounces to the frame, relieving 40% from the weight of the earlier 3-Spoke Wheel.
  • Shave off 20% of the weight with a 1.25” Mono-Tube Frame but keep Titanium's 44% strength advantage over 7000 series aluminum.


Exclusive Offers for TiLite ZRA Rigid Titanium Wheelchair


  • Save 30% on every purchase of TiLite ZRA Rigid Titanium Wheelchair
  • Free Award-winning Customer Service

*Pictured with ROHO Carbon Fiber Agility Back, ROHO Quadtro Cushion and Carbon Fiber Side Guards.

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Frame Style
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TiLite Special Editions
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Frame Options
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Transit Tie-Down Option  
Frame Finishes
Learn more
Frame Finish Options  
ZSCBT1 - Satin Finish Buffing Pads( +$11.25)
Color Anodizing Package
Learn more
Rear Seat Width
Learn more
Front Seat Width (Seat Taper)
Learn more
Seat Depth
Learn more
Frame Depth
Learn more
Front Seat Height
Learn more
Rear Seat Height
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Front Frame Angle
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Seat to Footrest
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Footrest Type  
Footrest Options  
ZFTR14 - ABS Cover w/2” Sides (N/A w/Flip-Back Footrest or chairs w/10” or 11” Rear Seat Width (A).)( +$78.75)
Front End Type & Footrest Width
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Seat Back Type  
TiShaft Back Release Bars  
Push Handles
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Seat Back Height
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Seat Back that Locks when Folded  
Backrest Rigidizer Bar
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Seat Back Angle
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Center of Gravity
Learn more
Learn more
Camber Tube Type  
Rear Wheel Spacing
Learn more
Rear Wheel Spacing Options  
ZCBR9 - Additional Spacers to Increase Rear Wheel Spacing - NCO
Camber Plugs  
Front Casters
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Front Forks
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Front Fork Options  
Rear Wheel Size  
Rear Wheel Type
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Spinergy Spoke Color  
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Rear Wheel Tire
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Handrim Mount  
Wheel Locks
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Wheel Lock Options  
Upholstery Colors  
Back Upholstery  
Seat Upholstery  
Seat Cushions  
Side Guards
Learn more
Side Guard Options  
ZSDG13 - Side Guards Profiled to Rear Wheels (n/a w/Cloth or Fendered Side Guards( +$228.75)
Learn more
Armrest Options  
ZARM5 - Covered in Black Ultrasuede (n/a w/Desk Arms)( +$78.75)
Seat Belt  
Seat Belt Options  
ZBLT10 - Bodypoint Optional Band Clamp Mounting Hardware( +$15.00)
Calf Strap  
Back Pack  
ZBCK3 - Black TiLite Back Pack( +$67.50)
Seat Pouch  
ZPCH3 - Black TiLite Seat Pouch( +$41.25)
Spoke Guards  
ZGRD1 - Clear Lexan with TiMotion Logo (Not available with Mag Rear Wheels.)( +$97.50)
Learn more
Neoprene Impact Guards w/Ultrasuede Strip  
ZUEST1 - Upper Extremity Support Tray - 12” to 14” Seat Widths (Armrests required)( +$210.00)
ZUEST1 - Upper Extremity Support Tray - 13” to 15” Seat Widths (Armrests required)( +$210.00)
ZGS1 - GRIP Solutions Lap Board( +$37.50)
ZLUG1 - Luggage Carriers( +$105.00)
ZCH1 - Crutch Holder( +$161.25)
4" Logo Patch  
Shipping Charges  

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Jun 16, 2014
Solid chair, mines weighs 33 pounds w/ride cushion spox wheels. Parts are expensive.

Advantages: Solid, no flex chair, great for MN winter low corrosion. except bearings like all.

Disadvantages: heavier than you might think.
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Frame Type

Titanium “Mono-Tube” Rigid Frame

Frame Style

ZR - Minimal Adjustability
ZRA - Full Adjustability

Weight Limit

265 lbs.

Frame Finishes

2 Natural Titanium Finishes
4 New Titanium Tattoos
19 Paint Colors including 9 New Colors

Color Anodize Packages

6 Packages including 3 New Colors

Seat Width

10” - 20”

Seat Depth

10” - 20”

Ergonomic Seat (ZR)

7 Options from 4” - 10”

Front Seat Height

16” - 21”

Rear Seat Height

12.5” - 20”

TiShaft™ Back Release Bar


Center of Gravity

0”- 6”


0˚, 2˚, 4˚, 6˚, 8˚, 12˚, 15˚ and 18˚

Front Angle

70˚, 75˚, 80˚, 85˚ and 90˚

Front Seat Width (Seat Taper)

None, 1.5” Taper and 2.5” Taper

Front End Style

Standard and V-Front End

Chair Weights

ZR - 9.3 Lbs.
ZRA - 10.7 Lbs.



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