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Sportaid is not just another catalog/internet provider. Our history and customer service are what makes us different from other medical equipment suppliers. In 1987, Jimmy was competitively racing and a member of the US Disabled Track Team. His wife, Stacy, was a coach for the US team and the local racing team was sponsored by the Shepherd Center, where she also worked as a recreational therapist.


Having designed and raced wheelchairs since, Jimmy was blessed with the opportunity to travel all over the world to compete in road races and track events. It became apparent to Jimmy that there was a need for a supplier of products for disabled athletes. Sportaid was the name given to this idea. In 1988, Sportaid was the first company of its kind. Sportaid has grown from a supplier of racing tires, wheelchairs, racing suits, and other racing related equipment to a supplier of everyday wheelchairs, wheelchair cushions, medical supplies, and daily living aids.  In 1996, we launched our website and became the first supplier of wheelchairs and related products on the internet. Jimmy passed but his memory lives on in everything we do.


If you have any questions please call us at (770) 554-5033 or email us at stuff@sportaid.com.


Thank you very much for helping us remain the industry favorite!


In loving memory.

Jimmy & Stacy Green

Jimmy & Stacy Green

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