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Apex Ultra Lightweight Rigid Wheelchair

Apex Ultra Lightweight Rigid Wheelchair
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Price is not the only thing that matters when it comes to buying your new Apex Ultra Lightweight Rigid Wheelchair, live customer service is priceless!


Motion Composites believes in empowering wheelchair users. How? By giving them the fit, freedom and mobility that’s rewriting the book on what’s possible. We use the world’s most advanced technologies to enhance people’s lives with every single push. Take the new APEX. Our cutting-edge carbon fiber technology delivers an ultralight design of unrivaled strength and durability. With its superior fatigue resistance, extreme temperature tolerances and vibration damping, carbon fiber is one of the strongest yet lightest materials on earth. The ultimate wheelchair material. The APEX redefines how the world thinks about wheelchairs. With a transport weight of just 9.2 lbs*., (4.2 kg), the revolutionary design gives you the lightest, fully adjustable rigid chair in its class. Once again, Motion Composites surpasses every expectation for performance, adjustability, weight and quality.

Pictured is the Apex Carbon Fiber Frame. If you are having trouble deciding between the Carbon Fiber Frame and the Apex Aluminum Frame, please see the links on the left for more information to help you decide.



• The lightest wheelchair in its class
With a transport weight of just 9.8 lb* (4.5 kg), the APEX obliterates every preconceived idea about rigid chairs. It’s fully configurable to meet the needs of just about every client, and performs like a carbon fiber purebred.

• Head-turning design
Check out the design and construction details on the APEX. Or, examine its innovative components and accessories, such as the integrated impact guard and rigidizing system.
In a word…revolutionary.

The APEX from Motion Composites. Welcome to a new era in rigid chair design and performance.

• Shed the weight. Up the performance
Available in carbon or aluminum frame, the APEX cantilever design is constructed using the industry’s most advanced materials. Plus, the APEX represents not just low frame weight. It’s also the lightest configured adjustable chair in the industry. A fully configured APEX Carbon weighs just 17.3 lb (7.9 kg).

• Nimble and responsive
The unique rear rigidizing bar on the APEX optimizes ride performance. By increasing rear-frame rigidity, we’ve achieved an open design concept that increases lateral stability. Result — flex where and when you want it, and no sacrifice in stability for gains in comfort and ease of transport.

• Sleek styling
Inspired by modern design and aesthetics, the head-turning lines on the APEX prove once again that form should follow function. We invite you to linger on the APEX’s gentle curves and bold styling. Every design detail delights the eye and excites the senses.

• Adjusts to your life
As people change and evolve, so should their wheelchairs. From simple adjustments in back angle, seat and floor height to tunable rear wheel positions and seat width, the APEX is fully modular and adjustable. Plus, its laser-etched markings allow you to more easily adjust key components and specify exact positioning.



*Picture of Carbon Fiber Frame with optional: Sideguards, Air Grip Handrims, Upgrade Footrest, and Cushion. 

Product details
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Choose Frame
Learn more
Choose Seat Width  
Choose Seat Depth  
Choose Frame Length  
Choose Front Seat to Floor Height (Please see Learn more)
Learn more
Choose Casters  
Caster Options  
APCA13 - Carbon fiber Frog Legs suspension forks( +$388.00)
Choose Rear Seat to Floor (Please see Learn more)
Learn more
Choose Front Frame Angle
Learn more
Seat to Footrest  
Choose Footrest Width / Taper - Standard Front End (Please see Learn more)
Learn more
Choose Footplates  
Footplate Accessories  
FP16 - 2" Riser (Only available w/Alum Angle Adjust Footplate)( +$60.00)
FP09 - Calf Strap( +$28.80)
FP30 - Bodypoint Aeromesh Padded Calf Strap( +$92.00)
Choose Fold Down Backrest  
Fixed Height, Adjustable Angle Fold Down Backrest - Without Push Handles  
Adjustable Height, Adjustable Angle Fold Down Backrest  
Adjustable Angle Fold Down Backrest - Back Cane Angle
Learn more
Push Handle Option  
Backrest Options
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Choose Back Upholstery  
Seat Cushion  
Choose Rear Wheel Size  
Choose Rear Wheel Type  
Spinergy Spoke Colors Only  
Choose Tires  
Aluminum & Newton Air Grip Handrims  
Aluminum & Newton Air Grip Handrim Mount Only  
Other Handrims  
Choose Axles  
Rear Wheel Camber  
Center of Gravity
Learn more
Choose Wheel Lock  
"T" Armrest  
Choose Swing Away Armrest  
Choose Side Guards (N/A w/ "T" Armrest)  
Side Guard Options  
SG07 - Side guard clip (pair)
Choose Positioning Belt  
APAC03 - Anti-tippers( +$116.00)
APAC05 - WC-19 Transit Tie Down w/Q'straint belt, Short belt 20-41"( +$288.00)
APAC05 - WC-19 Transit Tie Down w/Q'straint belt, Long belt 20-46"( +$288.00)
APAC08 - Spoke guards 2 (n/a w/Mag Wheels)( +$94.40)
APAC10 - Seat pouch( +$64.00)
AC30 - Newton sanitizing multi-purpose pouch( +$48.00)
APAC26 - BodyPoint Mobility Bag( +$104.00)
APAC23 - Newton Backpack( +$100.00)
APAC13 - Tool kit( +$40.00)
Military Patches  
Choose Highlight Color
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