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Quickie 5R Lightweight Rigid Wheelchair

Quickie 5R Lightweight Rigid Wheelchair
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Price is not the only thing that matters when it comes to buying the Quickie 5R Rigid Wheelchair, winning the race is!


The Quickie® 5R is designed to deliver superior rigid wheelchair performance day after day. As you and your environment evolve, or as you refine your riding capabilities, the 5R’s rigid frame and components adjust to elevate your mobility.  Pictured with optional Spinergy LX wheels, Schwalbe tires, and aluminum casters.  265 lb weight capacity this chair represents the latest and best state of the art in performance wheelchairs!



Product details
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Base Model  
Frame Angle
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Frame Inset Per Side
Learn more
Transit System  
Frame Style
Learn more
Depth Adjustable Backrest
Learn more
Seat Width
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Seat Depth
Learn more
Seat Sling  
Front Seat Height
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Caster Wheels  
Caster Fork
Learn more
Rear Seat Height
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Xtender Power Assist
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Xtender Power Assist Handrims  
Xtender Power Assist Options  
Xtender Wheel Options  
Rear Wheel Size/Type
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Rear Wheel Tire
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Axle Plates
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Rear Suspension Rating  
Center of Gravity
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Wheel Locks  
Wheel Lock Options  
129EH7 Extension Handles - Pair (high mount push/pull only)( +$68.80)
129GA1 Grade Aid (high mount push/pull only)( +$137.60)
Adaptive Platform Spacer  
Footrest Options  
129DI03 Leg Strap( +$36.80)
129DI04 Extra Leg Strap( +$36.80)
129DI05 Gel Hanger Cover( +$96.80)
129DI07 Neoprene Impact Guards( +$82.40)
129DI02 Wear Pads( +$45.60)
129DI06 Position Plates (n/a for Tubular Footrest)( +$45.60)
Backrest Type  
Height Adjustable Backrest  
Push Handles  
Back Upolstery  
Military Service Patches
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Side Guards  
Aluminum Side Guard Color Only  
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Pack Accessories  
129A1 Black Utility Backpack( +$68.80)
129A2 Back Pack Black/Charcoal Kids( +$55.20)
1291A01 Seat Pouch Black( +$45.60)
Positioning Belt  
Positioning Belt Options  
129A804 Positioning Belt Clamps Only( +$45.60)
Spoke Guards (Only Available w/ Lite Spoke Wheels)  
Miscellaneous Accessories  
129A2100 Crutch Holder (available w/Integral & Fold Down Push Handles Only)( +$178.40)
1298A22 Bolt-On Push Handles( +$104.80)
1298A21 Tool Kit( +$49.60)
1298A05 Gel-Pad swing away arm( +$113.60)
129A999 - Quickie Water Bottle and Holder( +$49.60)
Upper Extremity Support Tray  
Frame Colors  
129C140 - Aztec Gold
129C2 - Black (n/a as base w/Zebra)
129C141 - Black Cherry
129C10 - Black Opal
129C38 - Blue Opal
129C36 - Candy Blue
129C14 - Candy Purple
129C35 - Candy Red
129C142 - Electric Blue
129C143 - Evergreen
129C44 - Glossy White
129C126 - Glow
129C144 - Green Apple
129C147 - Hot Sparkle Pink
129C148 - Mauve Pink
129C103 - Rootbeer
129C114 - Sparkle Silver
129C145 - Sunrise Orange
129C113 - Titanium Color Paint
129C8 - Yellow
129C116 - Matte Black
129C151 - Matte Black Cherry
129C150 - Matte Electric Blue
129C149 - Matte Evergreen
129C152 - Matte Purple
129C112 - Desert Camouflage( +$360.80)
129C43 - Mossy Oak Camouflage( +$360.80)
129C42 - Stars & Stripes( +$360.80)
129C108 - Zebra (Choose above base color) Std with White unless above base paint is chosen( +$360.80)
Anodized Color Package
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 Open Frame Design with Hydro-Formed Caster Link
Open Frame Design with Hydro-Formed Caster Link

The Quickie 5R’s open frame takes the proven ride quality and geometry that so many have loved about the GT and improves upon it with a swept-back, hydro-formed caster link for added style and a smooth ride.

The 5R offers two frame options. The Classic frame features a traditional frame length for maximum stability. The shortened Performance frame length offers maximum responsiveness.

Swept-Back, Highly Adjustable Axle Plate Design

The swept-back axle plate design adds to the 5R's style and features a color window for an extra pop of color on your frame.

But it isn’t just for looks - it is also incredibly quick to adjust. Available in two lengths - short (4.5" of vertical adjustment) and long (6" of vertical adjustment) - this axle plate ensures you are getting the adjustment range you need without adding unnecessary weight.

 Swept-Back, Highly Adjustable Axle Plate Design
 Access to Premium Options
Access to Premium Options

The 5R offers premium options that can elevate your product.

Go with the XTR Suspension Frame, Mountain wheels, Knobby tires, and Frog Legs suspension forks for rugged chair performance.

Add the Quickie Xtender motorized wheels to multiply the force you apply to the handrims by four times.

Model Number EIR10
Starting Retail Price $2,325
Frame Style Rigid
HCPCS Code K0005
Wheelchair Weight Standard Configuration: 21.5 lbs.
Transport: 12.9 lbs.
Transport without Wheel Locks: 11.65 lbs.
Frame Material Aluminum
User Weight Capacity 265 lbs.
Transit Approved Yes
Shipping Dimensions 31" L x 24" H x 24" W
Average Shipping Weight 50 lbs.
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