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Colours Zephyr Sport Wheelchair

Colours Zephyr Sport Wheelchair
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Price isn't all that matters when you are considering buying Colours Zephyr Sport Wheelchair, excellent customer service is priceless!


The Colours Zephyr Sport Wheelchair is proof the Colours listens to the concerns and demands of their customers. The very first 3/4 inch completely welded frame is here, and it is brought to you by Colours. The type of strength people can depend on is provided by the Colours Zephyr Sport Wheelchair's heat treat process, and that strength is essential for wheelchair users. That heat treat also assists the Colours Zephyr Sport Wheelchair in staying light, among the strongest and lightest sports chairs out there. One way to achieve the goal of becoming one with your wheelchair is through several vital measurements some manufacturers seem to ignore. The "Zephyr Sport" will improve your mobility through the court amplifying your game, taking it to the next level!

Product details
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Seat Width
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Seat Depth
Learn more
Frame Length  
Frame Options  
Casters on Inside
Casters on Outside
Wings (not avail. on all chairs)( +$210.00)
Adjustable Inside Footrest( +$200.25)
Footrest Width
Learn more
Foot Plate Style  
Front Frame Angle  
Front Frame Length  
Backrest Type  
Backrest Height
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Front Seat Height
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Rear Seat Height
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Center of Gravity
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Inside Wheel Clearance
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Seat Sling to Foot
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Rear Caster to Rear Wheel Spacing  
Rear Caster Option (Anti tip)  
Lower Leg Length
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Rear Wheels  
Rear Tires  
Rigid Side Guards - Standard Black ABS (removable)( +$106.50)
Rigid Side Guards - Medium Black ABS (removable)( +$106.50)
Rigid Side Guards - Black ABS (removable w/ hole)( +$114.00)
Rigid Side Guards - Black Aluminum Std (removable)( +$147.75)
Rigid Side Guards - Black ABS (bolt on, non-removable)( +$106.50)
CTW (Cut Side Guards to Wheel Profile)( +$73.50)
Frame Protectors Black Leather/Zipper type( +$58.50)
Spoke Protectors 24" Black( +$80.25)
Spoke Protectors 25" Black( +$80.25)
Spoke Protectors 26" Black( +$80.25)
Backrest Leather Trim( +$57.75)
Frame Colors
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Upholstery Choice & Color
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