TiLite TR Titanium Wheelchair

The TR is our flagship titanium series rigid chair. It is the best of our best: Lighter, more efficient, and more elegant than any chair anywhere.


  • New, Swept-In Dual-Tube Frame.
  • Most compact TR frame ever makes the Series 3 easier to transport.
  • Chair width shrinks by up to 1 inch improving maneuverability in tight spaces.
  • Weight of the frame drops 15% to 3 pounds.
  • Sweeping curve of the lower frame tube creates a unique look as the lower frame blends in and fades away.
  • Dual-Tube Frame design creates superior frame rigidity and optimal energy transfer.
  • Curved backrest tube further enhances the clean new look.
  • Swept caster arm with bullet caster housing reduces weight and adds yet more style.
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Frame Type  
Seat Width
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Seat Depth
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Front Seat Height
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Rear Seat Height
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Seat to Footrest
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Footrest Option  
TRFTR14 - ABS Cover w/2” Sides (n/a w/Flip-Back Footrest)(+$71.25 )
Seat Back Type  
TISHAFT Back Release Bars  
Push Handles  
Seat Back Height - Adjustable
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Seat Back Height - Fixed
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Backrest Options
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Seat Back Angle
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Center of Gravity
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Front Seat Width (Seat Taper)
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Front End Type & Footrest Width
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Rear Wheel Spacing
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Camber Plugs  
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Camber Tube Type  
Additional Camber Tube  
Front Angle
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Ergonomic Seat
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Frog Legs Rear Suspension  
Frame Finishes
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*** Natural Titanium ***
TRFF1 - Satin - STD
TRSCBT1 - Satin Finish Buffing Pads(+$11.25 )
TRFF2 - Polished(+$487.50 )
*** Tattooed Titanium ***
TRFF31 - The King of Rock(+$221.25 )
TRFF32 - Aloha(+$221.25 )
TRFF33 - Snow Leopard(+$221.25 )
TRFF34 - Wood Grain(+$221.25 )
*** High Gloss Paint ***
TRFF8 - Super Wet Black
TRFF10 - TiLite Red
TRFF29 - Neon Pink
TRFF28 - Neon Green
*** Metallic Paint ***
TRFF14 - Ocean Blue Metallic
TRFF15 - Tangerine Metallic
TRFF16 - Salsa Red Metallic
TRFF30 - Acid Green Metallic
*** Pearlescent Paint ***
TRFF17 - Midnight Blue Pearl
TRFF18 - White Pearl
*** Matte Paint ***
TRFF19 - Black Lava
TRFF20 - Deep Blue Ice
TRFF27 - Titanium Grey
*** Candy Paint ***
TRFF22 - Ruby Red
TRFF23 - Azure Blue
TRFF25 - Electric Plum
Color Anodized Package
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Front Wheels  
Front Forks  
Front Fork Options  
Rear Wheel Size  
Rear Wheel Type  
Spinergy Spoke Colors Only  
Rear Wheel Tires  
Handrim Mount  
Wheel Locks  
Back Upholstery  
Upholstery Colors  
Seat Upholstery  
Seat Cushion  
Side Guards  
Side Guard Options  
TRSDG13 - Side Guards Cut to Profile Rear Wheels (n/a w/Cloth)(+$206.25 )
Armrest Options  
Standard Length Pad (10")
Full Length Pad (14")
TRARM5 - Covered in Black Ultrasuede(+$71.25 )
Seat Belts  
Seat Belt Options  
TRBLT10 - Bodypoint Optional Band Clamp Mounting Hardware(+$15.00 )
Calf Strap  
Back Pack  
Seat Pouch  
Spoke Guards  
Neoprene Impact Guards w/Ultrasuede Stripe  
TRUEST1 - Upper Extremity Support Tray - 12” to 14” Seat Widths (Requires Armrests)(+$187.50 )
TRUEST1 - Upper Extremity Support Tray - 13” to 15” Seat Widths (Requires Armrests)(+$187.50 )
TRGS1 - GRIP Solutions Lap Tray(+$63.75 )
TRLUG1 - Luggage Carriers(+$93.75 )
TRCAT1 - Catch-All(+$56.25 )
TRCH1 - Crutch Holder(+$146.25 )
TRTIP5 - Front Roller (n/a w/Titanium Flip-Back Footrest)(+$108.75 )
TRHS1 - TiLite 9 Piece SAE Round Handle Folding Hex Key Set(+$18.75 )
TRAFP1 - 4” Logo Patch - Army(+$67.50 )
TRAFP1 - 4” Logo Patch - Navy(+$67.50 )
TRAFP1 - 4” Logo Patch - Air Force(+$67.50 )
TRAFP1 - 4” Logo Patch - Marines(+$67.50 )
TRAFP2 - Name Tape Patch - Army(+$67.50 )
TRAFP2 - Name Tape Patch - Navy(+$67.50 )
TRAFP2 - Name Tape Patch - Air Force(+$67.50 )
TRAFP2 - Name Tape Patch - Marines(+$67.50 )
TRAFP3 - Combat Wounded Purple Heart Patch(+$67.50 )
TRCBR9 - Aditional Spacers to Increase Rear Wheel Spacing
: *
: *
: *
700c x 19mm Tufo Elite Tubular Tire (125g) Black
700c x 18mm Tufo S3 LITE Tubular Tire (165g) Black
ROHO High Profile Single Compartment Wheelchair Cushion
Magic Bullets Suppositories - Box of 100
New Sportaid Full Finger Leather/Terry Cloth Back Wheelchair Gloves
Roho Agility Mid Contour Back System
Otto Bock Aquos Cushion
SmartDrive Power Assist by Max Mobility
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Tim Forno
Jul 11, 2014
This Chair is Bad-Ass once you figure it out. If you have trouble with your seating position try flipping the camber bar over so that the bar is between the frame. After you have the axel bar placed between the lower frame bar and seating rails. Remember to adjust camber so you do not end up with a reverse camber angle with the wheels angled in on the bottom, you will figure it out after you work with your New Chair. Enjoy your new chair.

Advantages: This will allow you to maneuver your Ti TR much more smoothly and efficiently. I was not impressed with my chair until I made the alterations myself with a little help from a friend.

Disadvantages: If the manufacturer can figure out how to keep the foot platform from sliding out after completely torqueing down on the clamps on the footrest post. We would have a Rock solid chair. Possibly one solid post.
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