TiLite CR1 Rigid Carbon Fiber Wheelchair

Tilite CR1 Carbon Fiber Wheelchair is a lightweight wheelchair. The carbon fiber frame of the CR1 has been built for uncompromising performance and strength, with an aerodynamic tube profile and a foam-filled core. Dual-Angled Front End Users can go up to 2" closer to other surfaces for simpler transfers by adding a bend to the frame's downtube. This bend also allows us to rotate the casters back in space for better access in small spaces.

When compared to prior carbon fibre chairs, the CR1's weight makes it considerably easier to transport into the vehicle, making it easier on shoulders. Furthermore, the chair's light weight and high responsiveness make it considerably easier to push.

Key Features Of Tilite CR1

Carbon fiber frame: 

With an aerodynamic tube profile and a foam-filled core, the CR1’s carbon fiber frame has been designed for uncompromising performance and strength.

Key Features

  • Exceptionally lightweight frame
  • ± 1” Center of Gravity fine tuning adjustment
  • Integrated, fold-down backrest for easy transport
  • Individually made, just for you

Dual-angled front end

  • Designed to increase environmental access 
  • Optimized caster placement

Performance components

  • Specially designed caster bearings for optimal maneuverability and weight savings
  • PBO fiber and titanium reinforcements
  • New carbon fiber caster wheels

      Integrated fold-down backrest

  • The major challenge is to optimize weight savings while preserving functionality. 
  • Custom-profiled side guards that serve as structural components to the frame keep the backrest in place and allow you to fold it down for convenient travel.

 Carefully crafted for true innovation 

The TiLite CR1 has been meticulously crafted in every detail to bring true innovation to TiLite. From specifically designed caster bearings for vertical load application and weight reduction to innovative carbon fiber caster wheels and titanium reinforcement trim rings, this chair completely reinvents the concept of a manual wheelchair.

Product details
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Permobil Smart Drive  
Color Anodized Package
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CG Bracket & Trim Rings
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Seat Width "A"
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Frame Style "J"
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Seat Depth "B"
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Front Seat to Floor
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Rear Seat to Floor
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Custom Frame Depth
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Standard Front End "I"
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Front Angle  
Seat to Footrest "E"
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Footrest Accessory  
Footrest Trim Rings  
Roho Agility Active Aluminum Contour Back Support  
Roho Agility Active Carbon Fiber Contour Back Support  
Back Upholstery  
Seat Back Type Folding, Fixed Height "F"
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Seat Back Angle "G"
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Side Guards  
Push Handles  
Center of Gravity "H"
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Camber Tube  
Front Wheels  
Front Forks  
Fork Options  
Performance Rear Wheels  
Pneumatic Rear Tires  
Tab Length  
Wheel Locks  
Seat Upholstery  
Seat Cushion  
Positioning Belt  
Impact Guards  
Calf Strap  
Seat Pouch  
Military Patch  
CAD Drawing  

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