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Wheelchair Rear Wheels

Spinergy Rear Wheels are an incomparable for wheelchair performance, so with Spinergy for the best ride possible. Sportaid is among the most trusted online retailers for wheelchair wheels, and you can get the best quality of rear wheels by grabbing Spinergy from us.

Our vast selection of Spinergy includes Spinergy LX, SLX, Spox Sports, Spox Everyday Wheels, and many more at Sportaid.com's everyday low prices. Browse through our online collection of rear wheels or feel free to call 1-800-743-7203 for help choosing the right product for you. You'll be glad you did!

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Spinergy LX / SLX Spoke Wrench Set Spinergy LX / SLX Wheelchair Spokes Spinergy Spox Wheelchair Spoke Wrench
Cost: $7.46
Retail: $8.99 save 17%
Cost: $8.99
Retail: $11.00 save 18%
Cost: $3.50
Retail: $4.99 save 30%
Spinergy Spox Wheelchair Spokes Spinergy Stealth Handcycle Wheel Set of 3 Spinergy Stealth SS Handcycle Wheel Set of 3 Wire Spokes
Cost: $6.99
Retail: $8.99 save 22%
Cost: $1,699.00
Retail: $1,850.00 save 8%
Cost: $1,485.00
Retail: $1,650.00 save 10%
Spinergy Wire Wheels w/Straight Pull Spokes 22" thru 26" ZX-1 Power Add-on by Spinergy Spinergy LX Wheelchair Wheels 22"/24"/25"/26" Spoke Colors Available
Cost: $235.00
Retail: $289.00 save 19%
Cost: $7,995.00
Cost: $579.00
Retail: $895.00 save 35%
Spinergy SLX Wheels 24"/25"/26"/700c Spoke Colors Available Wheelchair Coated Handrims - Choose Size, Coating and Attachment Type Spinergy FlexRim Wheelchair Wheels 24"/25"
Cost: $579.00
Retail: $895.00 save 35%
Cost: $110.00
Retail: $149.00 save 26%
Cost: $769.00
Retail: $1,270.00 save 39%