EasyStand Evolv - Large

EasyStand Evolv - Large
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Price is not the only thing that matters when it comes to buying your new EasyStand Evolv - Large, great customer service is priceless!


The EasyStand Evolv is a sit-to-stand stander.  The modular design makes the EasyStand Evolv the most versatile standing frame available. The base unit is functional for many users, however when more support is needed a wide variety of positioning options can be added to accomodate the most involved users.  The Evolv Large is for users from 5’0 - 6’2” who weigh up to 280 lbs. The strengths of the EasyStand Evolv come from two 5” rear locking casters, and two 5” front wheels, and a manual hydraulic actuator with its own handle. The EasyStand Evolv also features a planar seat, a flip-up kneepad, and multi-adjustable foot plates. Convenience of the EasyStand Evolv comes from standard transfer handles and a black molded tray with a chest pad. The great looks and some added comfort come from black upholstery.

Standard Features:

  • Two 5” Rear Locking Casters
  • Two 5” Front Wheels
  • Manual Hydraulic Actuator with Handle
  • Planar Seat
  • Flip-up Kneepad
  • Multi-Adjustable Foot Plates
  • Black Molded Tray with Chest Pad
  • Transfer Handles
  • Black Upholstery
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Choose Size  
Actuator Handle Location  
Frame Style  
PNG50025 Mobile (Self propelled, N/A w/Independant Kneepads)( +$1,069.28)
PNG50314 Front Swivel Casters (N/A w/Mobile Option or Swing Away Front)( +$129.56)
PNG50483 Front Swivel Casters for Swing-Away Front (NA w/Mobile)( +$129.56)
PNG50417 Swing Away Front (NA w/Mobile or Swiveling Casters)( +$195.16)
PNG50428 Swing Away Front for Shadow Tray (NA w/Mobile) Must purchase tray( +$152.52)
Lift Mechanism  
Lift Mechanism Accessories  
Shadow Support Tray  
Shadow Support Tray Accessories  
PNG50347 Clear Top For Shadow Tray (must order a shodow tray)( +$118.08)
Tray / Front Support  
PNG50248 Clear Tray Top for Front Mount and Swing Away (Replaces Std. Tray, n/a with shadow tray)( +$118.08)
PNG50194 Oversized Clear Tray for Front Mount and Swing Away(Replaces Std. Tray, n/a with shadow tray)( +$200.90)
PNG50368 Black Molded Angle Adjustable Tray for Front Mount and Swing Away(n/a with shadow tray)( +$255.02)
PNG50366 Clear Angle Adjustable Tray for Front Mount and Swing Away (Replaces Std Tray, n/a with shadow tray)( +$369.82)
PNG50327 Clear Angle Adjustable Tray for Mobile (Replaces Std Tray)( +$255.02)
PNG50295 No Tray Chestpad (n/a w/Shadow Tray or Swing Away Front)( +$183.68)
PNG50042 Hand Grips (Clear tray required)( +$110.70)
PNG30000 Large Contoured Chest Pad (tray required/std with shadow tray)( +$102.50)
PNG30295 Padded Tray Cover (n/a w/oversized clear tray)( +$164.00)
Footplate, Seat, Kneepad Accessories  
PNG30030 Foot Straps( +$31.98)
PNG30031 Secure Foot Straps( +$83.64)
PNG30270 Transfer Seat( +$100.04)
PNG50318 Rotating Seat (Replaces std. seat)( +$174.66)
PNG30023 Seat w/ROHO Insert (Replaces std. seat)( +$442.80)
P80246 Seat Angle Locator( +$25.42)
PNG50161 Hip Supports 10.5" - 16.5" W-Medium( +$264.04)
PNG50198 Hip Supports 12.5" - 18.5" W-Large (Limited adj w/shadow tray)( +$264.04)
PNG50384 Independent Kneepads (Replaces std kneepads)( +$353.42)
PNG50385 Independent ROHO Kneepads (Replaces std kneepads)( +$442.80)
PNG50425 Independent Knee Pads for Swing-Away (pair)( +$353.42)
PNG50426 Independent Roho Knee Pads for Swing-Away (pair)( +$442.80)
Back / Upper Body Support  
Back Support Accessories (require back support)  
PNG30029 Velcro Positioning Belt( +$40.18)
PNG30028 Positioning Belt w/Airline Buckle( +$110.70)
PNG50192 Chest Strap - Small( +$102.50)
PNG50193 Chest Strap - Large( +$102.50)
P600002 Back Angle Adjustment Wheel (Replaces Std Adjustment Knob)( +$75.44)
Accessories (Require Accessory Mounting Bracket)  
PNG50034 Accessories Mounting Bracket (required for all accessories)( +$48.38)
PNG30170 X-Style Chest Vest - Medium( +$200.90)
PNG30056 X-Style Chest Vest - Large( +$200.90)
PNG30171 Y-Style Chest Vest - Medium( +$200.90)
PNG30021 Y-Style Chest Vest - Large( +$200.90)
PNG50224 Lateral Supports (8-16.5" W)( +$264.04)
PNG50176 Lateral Supports (11-19.5" W)( +$264.04)
PNG50240 Head Support - Short( +$264.22)
PNG50037 Head Support - Tall( +$264.04)
PNG50040 Push Handles( +$110.70)
User Height, Weight, and Diagnosis  

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