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Frog Legs Uni-Tine Wheelchair Forks

Frog Legs Uni-Tine Wheelchair Forks
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Price is not the only thing that matters when it comes to buying Frog Legs Uni-Tine Wheelchair Forks, live customer service is priceless!


The Frog Legs Uni-Tine Wheelchair Forks are single sided and are meant to fit standard weight, lightweight, and ultra-lightweight manual wheelchairs and accept 3", 4", or 5" x 1.5" caster wheels. Frog Legs Uni-Tine Wheelchair Forks are constructed of aircraft quality aluminum, a perfect combination of light weight and durability at an affordable price. You can fully customize the Frog Legs Uni-Tine Wheelchair Forks by choosing black, silver, or various custom anodized colors and picking your preference of 2 axle positions. You can also choose your style of Unitine forks in standard where bearings are not in the fork, but in the caster barrel housing of the wheelchair, or, Unitine forks where the bearings are in the forks. Some chairs are not compatible with both styles, but we can answer any of your questions associated with that. When you order your Frog Legs Uni-Tine Wheelchair Forks it is vitally important to indicate the make/model of wheelchair. Frog leg caster wheels are not included in the price, but can be added for an additional charge. 


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Mar 24, 2017
This customer purchased the item at our site.
A really nice and quality product!
I got the Unitine Fork with 5" x 1.5" caster wheels on a Quickie XTR wheelchair, for 5 years now. It have change my life since i got them. No more falls forward with straight stop on little stone. Less scratches on the bottom of furniture, doors, wall, ... It's easier to turn in tight space. The only negative point is that the axle's wheel is fragile and you have to block the screw with strong "lock it" to keep it from bending.
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Oct 4, 2014
Great product! I have been hooked on Frog Leg forks for a long time. About 10 years ago, I broke a leg after hitting a small branch in my driveway and falling forward causing a spiral fracture of my tibia. Frog Legs will roll over that stuff with barely a bump. And, these are the best frog legs yet, as far as I'm concerned. They provide the suspension without all the weight, bulk, or cost of the standard Frog Leg.
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AbiliTV on Twitch
Jan 20, 2022
The right fork fell off my TiLite ZRA Series 1 wheelchair.

Through another company I ordered a new set if nearly identical looking OEM style forks. These were a little wider than the originals that came with the wc.

Due to my lack of knowledge and or ever dealing with something like this before. I could not get the casters to fully stabilize.

The workmanship and materials where excellent.

This set was CNC machined fresh upon my order due to the age of my wc.

2.5 weeks later I had them.

I mention these becUse the same day I ordered them I also went to SportAid who has the Froglegs Uni-Tine set that I had been eyeballing for years.

I would be introduced to Gwen an amazing customer service professional at SportAid when she had to contact me with bad news.

My order would be delayed for an unknown amount of time. I wouldn't be charged anything until actual shipment.

I was offered the ability to cancel of course or to wait.

Due to COVID-19 shipping is all wonky and delays are outside the fault and control of the business trying to fulfill your order.

A few months went by and Froglegs got the needed supies to make a fresh set of Uni-Tine forks, hubs and tires.

1000% Worth the wait.

Since Gwen did the hardest thing anyone could do from a business aspect - share bad news about anything.

Since this was Immediately shared with me right after my order was placed this has zero affect on stars earned.

SportAid has the best customer service hands down.
Gwen earned herself and SportAid overall 5 Stars each.

These Froglegs Uni-Tine forks are spectacular! The red is that sweet red that pops.

Materials used are high quality.

Ease of install: Excellent.

Value: Excellent.

Each of these categories gets 5 stars.

Everything fits together perfectly.

I highly recommend ordering both casters and forks as a matched set.

These use your current down stem as the mounting anchor.

Since I still had OEM dust caps/covers I used those instead.

The wider caster moves silky smooth. I was able to tighten all nuts down and screws and no binding, pinching or otherwise affecting how the forks pivot around the down stems. No causing the caster to bind as it rotates around its axle.

The screws have a yellow or medium strength thread locker pre applied.

I used red thread locker that has maximum hold. I used this on the down stem, and the caster axle screws.

These fit so snugly you have zero wobble, and or wiggle. Even the OEM when brand new the axle had a small amount of wiggle.

The advantage I imagined having with these is easier times getting through doorways. No more snags on door jams.

The movement these have marked it feel like you're gliding and floating rather than rolling over the ground.

The only con I can see is: Make these able to accept true 6 inch caster.

The forks have bearings pre-installed.

The caster hubs come with pre-installed bearings also.

A socket or wrench set and Allen wrench set will be all you need. I think this is metric sized.

I could not be happier with my purchase and SportAid.

I am more than impressed with Froglegs and the high quality they bring.

A slight cosmetic suggestion is for Froglegs concerns the anodized finish: It seems very thin as the forks arrived with bare aluminum showing through scratches around the edges and such of the forks.

This is a cosmetic issue not a quality of buold or function issues so I am not considering it a defect.

I know these are forks and will get dinged and scratches. But those are from my use and not direct from the manufacturer.

That said:
I will be ordering Froglegs Uni-Tine for any new wheelchair I acquire.

I will be using SportAid for any such purchases in the future.

AbiliTV on Twitch

Advantages: Silky smooth movements.

Everything fits perfectly.

Easy to install.
Badic level mechanical knowledge needed.

Well worth the wait.

SportAid offers second to none customer service. Thanks again Gwen.

Communicated even hard to share news upfront.

Disadvantages: More a cosmetic issue than anything: Nicer or more durable anodizing.

A suggestion;
Make future Uni-Tine forks able to hold 6 inch hubs/casters. Offer matched sets like this in that size.

And, SportAid you should allow photos as I took some really nice ones just for the purpose of this review alone.
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Cole Roland
Sep 12, 2016
Incredibly strong. I have had these forks and run them very hard for more than a year. They seem indestructible. They have not bent in any way and are as true as when new.

These are great forks and I can't recommend them enough.

Advantages: Very strong.

Disadvantages: I have had problems with the bearings after they've been in rain. Company is sending new bearings. They say the ones they are using now are waterproof and have a red seal instead of black.
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