EasyStand Evolv - Medium

EasyStand Evolv - Medium
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Price is not the only factor to consider when buying your new EasyStand Evolv - Medium, the fast delivery from Sportaid is a crowd pleaser!


The EasyStand Evolv is a sit-to-stand stander.  The modular design makes the EasyStand Evolv the most versatile standing frame available. The base unit is functional for many users, however when more support is needed a wide variety of positioning options can be added to accomodate the most involved users.  The Evolv Medium accommodates users of heights from 4’0 to 5’6" and weights up to 200 lbs. The strengths of the EasyStand Evolv come from two 5” rear locking casters, and two 5” front wheels, and a manual hydraulic actuator with its own handle. The EasyStand Evolv also features a planar seat, a flip-up kneepad, and multi-adjustable foot plates. Convenience of the EasyStand Evolv comes from standard transfer handles and a black molded tray with a chest pad. The great looks and some added comfort come from black upholstery.

Standard Features:

  • Two 5” Rear Locking Casters
  • Two 5” Front Wheels
  • Manual Hydraulic Actuator with Handle
  • Planar Seat
  • Flip-up Kneepad
  • Multi-Adjustable Foot Plates
  • Black Molded Tray with Chest Pad
  • Transfer Handles
  • Black Upholstery
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Choose Size  
Actuator Handle Location  
Seat Adjustment (CANNOT be ordered off-unit)
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Frame Style
Learn more
Lift Mechanism
Learn more
Lift Mechanism Accessories
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Shadow Support Tray
Learn more
Shadow Support Tray Accessories
Learn more
PNG50347 Clear Top For Shadow Tray (must order a shodow tray)( +$122.18)
Front Mounted Trays (n/a w/ Shadow Tray or Mobile)
Learn more
PNG50247-1 Black Molded Tray( +$438.70)
PNG50248 Clear Tray (Replaces Std. Tray)( +$564.98)
PNG50194 Oversized Clear Tray (Replaces Std. Tray)( +$669.12)
PNG50368 Black Molded Angle Adjustable Tray( +$701.10)
PNG50366 Clear Angle Adjustable Tray (Replaces Std Tray)( +$820.82)
Front Mounted Trays - Swing-Away (n/a w/Shadow Tray or Mobile)
Learn more
PNG50418 Black Molded Tray for Swing-Away( +$438.70)
PNG50456 Clear Tray for Swing-Away( +$564.98)
PNG50458 Oversized Clear Tray for Swing-Away( +$669.12)
PNG50490 Black Molded Angle Adjustable Tray for Swing-Away( +$701.10)
PNG50489 Clear Angle Adjustable Tray for Swing-Away( +$820.82)
PNG50491 Oversized Angle Adjustable Tray for Swing-Away( +$924.14)
Mobile Trays (n/a w/Front Mounted or Shadow Trays)
Learn more
PNG50372-1 Clear Tray for Mobile( +$564.98)
PNG50327 Clear Angle Adjustable Tray for Mobile( +$820.82)
Tray Accessories (tray required)
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PNG50042 Hand Grips (Clear Tray only, pair, n/a w/Mobile)( +$114.80)
PNG30000 Large Contoured Chest Pad (standard w/Shadow Tray)( +$105.78)
PNG30295 Padded Tray Cover (n/a w/Oversized Clear Tray or Mobile)( +$168.92)
Knee Pads
Learn more
PNG50460-1 Flip-Up Knee Pads( +$246.00)
PNG50384 Independent Kneepads (replaces std kneepads, pair, n/a w/Mobile)( +$610.08)
PNG50385 Independent ROHO Kneepads (replaces std kneepads, pair, n/a w/Mobile)( +$702.74)
PNG50424-1 Flip-Up Knee Pads for Swing-Away (pair)( +$246.00)
PNG50425 Independent Knee Pads for Swing-Away (pair, n/a w/Mobile)( +$610.08)
PNG50426 Independent Roho Knee Pads for Swing-Away (pair, n/a w/Mobile)( +$702.74)
Foot Plates and Foot Plate Accessories  
Seats and Seat Accessories  
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Positioning (requires a back)
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PNG30029 Velcro® Positioning Belt-26"-55"( +$41.82)
PNG30306 Velcro® Positioning Belt-38"-67"( +$41.82)
PNG30028 Positioning Belt with Airline Style Buckle-26"-55"( +$114.80)
PNG50192 Chest Strap-30"-46"( +$105.78)
PNG50193 Chest Strap-34"-54"( +$105.78)
PNG50504 Chest Strap-46"-66"( +$105.78)
P600002 Back Angle Adjustment Wheel (replaces std adjustment knob)( +$77.90)
Upper Body Support (requires accessories mounting bracket)
Learn more
PNG50034 Accessories Mounting Bracket (required for all accessories)( +$50.02)
PNG30170 X-Style Chest Vest-11"Lx9.5"W( +$207.46)
PNG30056 X-Style Chest Vest-14.5"Lx10.5"W( +$207.46)
PNG30171 Y-Style Chest Vest-17.5"Lx11.5"W( +$207.46)
PNG30021 Y-Style Chest Vest-20.5"Lx12.5"W( +$207.46)
PNG11212 High Mount Chest Vest Bracket( +$58.22)
PNG50224 Lateral Supports-8"-16.5"W (pair)( +$272.24)
PNG50176 Lateral Supports-11"-19.5"W (pair)( +$272.24)
PNG50240 Head Support-Short( +$272.24)
PNG50037 Head Support-Tall( +$272.24)
PNG50040 Push Handles (pair)( +$114.80)
P80809 Tool Pouch( +$18.04)
P80246 Angle Locator( +$26.24)

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Base Unit

Approximate Height Range 4’0-5’6″ 122-168cm  
Weight Limit 200lbs 90kg  
Seat Depth Range (from seat pivot) 14″-19″ 36-48cm  
Seat to Footplate Range (from seat pivot) 11”-18” 28-46cm  
Knee Width (center to center) 9” 23cm  
Kneepad Depth Range (from seat pivot) 3.5”-5.75” 9-15cm  
Seat Height 21.5” 55cm  
Seat Dimensions 16″Wx17.5″L 40x44cm  
Standard Tray Size 21”x24” 53x61cm  
Tray/Chest Pad Depth Range (from seat pivot) 0”-10.5” 0-27cm  
Standard Tray Height Range (from seat pivot) 15.5”-30.5” 39-77cm  
Footprint (at widest points) 26.5”x33.5” 67x85cm  
Weight of Basic Unit 101lbs 46kg  
Frame Color Charcoal    
Standard Upholstery Color Black    
Locking Caster Diameter 5″ 13cm  
Footplates-Plantar 10° in 3 increments (not Glider)  
Footplates-Dorsi 10° in 3 increments (not Glider)  
Footplates- Toe-out 15 degrees in 3 increments (not Glider)  

Shadow Tray

Standard Shadow Tray Depth Range (from back) 3.5”-15” 9-38cm  
Deep Shadow Tray Depth Range (from back) 7.5″-19″ 19-48cm  
Shadow Tray 7″ Height from seat (acrylic tray is 1″ shorter) 7.25″ 18 cm  
Shadow Tray 10″ Height from seat (acrylic tray is 1″ shorter) 10” 25cm  
Weight of Evolv w/Shadow 115lbs 52kg  
Shadow Tray Size 21”x24” 53x61cm  


Weight of Mobile Option 38lbs 17kg  
Weight of Evolv Mobile (all sizes) 135lbs 61kg  
Footprint (including pushrims) 28.5″x36″ 72x91cm  
Wheelbase 29.75″ 76cm  
Pushrim Height (from floor) 45″ 114cm  
Wheel Locks 1/4 turn rotation to lock/unlock    
Drive Chain Tensioning Method Self -Tensioning Gravity Operated    
Mobile Tray Size 18″Wx19″L 46x48cm

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