EasyStand Bantam - Medium

EasyStand Bantam - Medium
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The EasyStand Bantam Medium combines features from both the Bantam and Evolv series to make it more appropriate for the larger, involved child. As children grow, transfers become more difficult, and as a result, compliance with a standing program often suffers. The Bantam Medium allows transfers to a seated or supine position, or any position in between.

The Bantam’s central positioning controller shifts between sit to stand and supine modes. The “Neutral” setting allows infinite positioning between seated and supine while a manual hydraulic actuator lifts the child to a standing position. No other stander offers so many positioning possibilities.

Standard Features:

  • Two 5” Rear Locking Casters
  • Two 5” Front Wheels
  • Manual Hydraulic Actuator with Handle
  • Planar Seat
  • Knee Pads
  • Height-Only Adjustable Foot Plates
  • Black Upholstery
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Actuator Handle Location  
Footplate Size  
Knee Pad Size (inside width)  
Supine (CANNOT be ordered off-unit)
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Seat Adjustment (CANNOT be ordered off-unit)
Learn more
Front Casters
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Lift Mechanisms
Learn more
Lift Mechanism Accessories
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Shadow Trays
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Tray Accessories
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PNG50042 Hand Grips (pair, for use on clear tray and oversized tray only)( +$114.80)
PT50156 Elbow Pad-9.25” Cutout( +$107.42)
PT50160 Elbow Pad-11” Cutout( +$107.42)
PY5582 Elbow Pad-13” Cutout( +$107.42)
PNG30000 Large Contoured Chest Pad (not available with elbow pads)( +$105.78)
PNG30295 Padded Tray Cover (not available with elbow pads)( +$168.92)
Foot Plates/Knee Pads/Seats
Learn more
PY5586 Multi-Adjustable Foot Plates (pair)( +$187.78)
PY5636 Foot Straps (pair)( +$33.62)
PY5638 Secure Foot Straps (two pair)( +$65.60)
PY5600 Roho Knee Pads (pair, only available with 5.5” pad)( +$231.24)
PY5596 Swing-Away Knee Pads (pair)( +$200.08)
PY5570 Contoured Seat-Narrow 11”-13”( +$302.58)
PY5572 Contoured Seat-Wide 12”-14”( +$302.58)
PY5560 Hip Supports (pair, not available with contoured seat)( +$272.24)
Back Support
Learn more
Positioning and Upper Body Supports
Learn more
PY3008 Velcro Positioning Belt( +$41.82)
PY3014 Positioning Belt with Airline Style Buckle( +$114.80)
PY5620 Chest Strap( +$105.78)
PY5634 High Mount Chest Vest Bracket (head support required)( +$58.22)
PNG30170 X-Style Chest Vest - 11″Lx9.5″W( +$207.46)
PNG30056 X-Style Chest Vest - 14.5″Lx10.5″W( +$207.46)
PNG30171 Y-Style Chest Vest - 17.5″Lx11.5″W( +$207.46)
PNG30021 Y-Style Chest Vest - 20.5″Lx12.5″W( +$207.46)
PY5562 Lateral Supports 9" - 14.5" Range (pair, not available with contoured back)( +$272.24)
PY5658 Lateral Supports w/Elbow Stop 9" - 14.5" Range (for planar pads only, pair)( +$277.98)
PY5659 Lateral Supports w/Elbow Stop & Arm Rest 9" - 14.5" Range (for planar pads only, pair)( +$307.50)
PY5660 Elbow Stop with Arm Rest (for planar and contoured pads, pair)( +$277.98)
PY5626 Head Support-Extra Small (cushion size 5”Hx8”W)( +$272.24)
PY5628 Head Support-Small (cushion size 6”Hx10”W)( +$272.24)
PY5630 Head Support-Large (cushion size 7”Hx14”W)( +$272.24)
PNG50040 Push Handles (pair)( +$114.80)
P80809 Tool Pouch( +$18.04)
PY5643 Angle Locator( +$26.24)

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Approximate Height Range 48″-66″ 122-168cm
Weight Limit 200lbs 91kg
Seat Depth Range, Planar (from seat pivot to flat back surface) 15″-20″ 38-51cm
Seat Depth Range, Contour (from seat pivot to flat back surface) 15″-20″ 38-51cm
Seat (Planar) Height From Floor (transfer height) 22″ 56cm
Seat (Contour) Height From Floor (transfer height) 25″ 64cm
Seat to Footplate Range (Planar) 10″-18.5″ 25-47cm
Seat to Footplate Range (Planar) -Inverted Brackets 7″-12.5″ 18-32cm
Kneepad Depth Range (from seat pivot) 3″-6″ 8-15cm
Kneepad Width 8″ 20 cm
Kneepad Dimensions 9″Hx7″W 23x18cm
Back Height From Flat Seat to Top of Back, Short 15″ 38cm
Back Height From Flat Seat to Top of Back, Tall 19″ 48cm
Back Height From Contour Seat to Top of Back, Short 16.5″ 42cm
Back Height From Contour Seat to Top of Back, Tall 20.5″ 52cm
Weight of Basic Unit 108lbs 49kg
Frame Footprint, Standard 24.5″x44.5″ 62x113cm
Upholstery Black Nylon/Neuprene or Molded Urethane  
Frame Color Splatter Midnight  
Casters & Wheels (diameter) 5″ 13cm
Lifting Mechanism Manual Hydraulic Lift  
Seat Pad Size Planar (Width) 15″ 38cm


Shadow Tray

Shadow Tray Size 21″x24″ 53x61cm
Shadow Tray Height (from top of planar seat) 5.5″-11.25″ 14-29cm
Shadow Tray Height (from top of contour seat) 7.25″-12.75″ 18-32cm
Shadow Tray Chest Pad Depth Range (from planar back) 2″-10″ 5-25cm
Shadow Tray Chest Pad Depth Range (from contour back) 3.5″-11.5″ 9-29cm
Weight of Shadow Tray Assembly, Black Molded Tray 10.5lbs 4.8kg
Add for Clear Acrylic Tray 3lbs 1.4kg
Acrylic Tray Size 21″x24″ 53x61cm
Oversized Tray SIze (Swing-Away Tray Front Only) 22″x29″ 56x74cm
Shadow Tray Angle Adjust Range +40° inclines to -90°  



Frame Footprint (w/ optional Swivel Casters) 28.25″x47″ 72x119cm
Lifting Mechanism Pow’r Up Lift  
Supine Positioning 0-90°  
T-Style Handle-Extends (each direction) 7″ 18cm
Adjustable/Removable Actuator Handle Range +/- 15° from neutral  
Foot Straps- fits foot height of 3″-6″ 8-15cm
Secure Foot Straps- fits foot height of 3″-6″ 8-15cm
Kneepad Height Range +/- 1.5″ +/- 4cm
Footplate Size Extra Small 7.75″Lx3.25″W 20x9cm
Footplate Size Small 9.75″Lx4″W 25x11cm
Footplate Size Medium 11.75″Lx5″W 30x13cm
Multi-Adjustable Footplates Plantar/Dorsi +/- 20°  
Multi-Adjustable Footplates Fore/Aft +/- 0.75″ + extra 1.5″ +/- 2cm + extra 3.8cm
Multi-Adjustable Footplates Rotation 30° left/right  
Multi-Adjustable Kneepads Width Range 5″-9″ 13-23cm
Elbow Pad, Cutout Width 9.25″, 11″, or 13″ 24cm, 28cm, or 33cm
Elbow Pad, Overall Width 21.5″ 55cm
Elbow Pad, Extension (back from current table edge) 3.75″ 10cm
Hip Support Pad Size 4″Hx6.25″W 10x16cm
Hip Supports Width Range 9″-15″ 23-38cm
Hip Supports Height Range +/- 1″ +/- 2.5cm
Lateral Support Pad Size 4″Hx6″W 10x15cm
Lateral Supports Width Range 9″-14.5″ 23-37cm
Lateral Supports Height Range (tall back) 11″-20″ 28-51cm
Lateral Supports Height Range (short back) 10″-17″ 25-43cm
Lateral Supports Fore/Aft Adj 3″ 8cm
Seat Pad Size- Contoured Narrow (Width) 11″-13″ 28-33cm
Seat Pad Size- Contoured Wide (Width) 12″-14″ 31-36cm
Back Pad Size Planar (Short) 11.5″Hx11.5″W 29x29cm
Back Pad Size Planar (Tall) 15.5″Hx11.5″W 39x29cm
Back Pad Size Contoured (Short) 10.5″Hx11″W 27x28cm
Back Pad Size Contoured (Tall) 14″Hx12″W 36x31cm
Chest Pad Contoured (Large) 9.5″Hx15″W 24x38cm
Chest Strap (Pad Size) 5″Hx8″W 13x20cm
Chest Vest – X-Style (Medium) 9″Lx9.5″W 23x24cm
Chest Vest – X-Style (Large) 11″Lx9.5″W 28x24cm
Chest Vest – Y-Style (Medium) 9″Lx9.5″W 23x24cm
Chest Vest – Y-Style (Large) 11″Lx9.5″W 28x24cm
Head Support Height Range (from seat, short back) 18″-27″ 46-69cm
Head Support Height Range (from seat, tall back) 22″-31″ 56-79cm
Head Support Depth Range (from backrest) -2.5″ to +1.5″ -6cm to +4cm
Head Support-Extra Small 5″Hx8″W 13x20cm
Head Support-Small 6″Hx10″W 15x25cm
Head Support-Large 7″Hx14″W 18x36cm
Positioning Belt- Hip Circumference to 66″ to 168cm
Positioning Belt with Airline Style Buckle- Hip Circumference to 66″ to 168cm
Chest Pad Height Range (from seat pivot) 18.5″-33″ 47-84cm
Tray Height Range (from seat pivot) 13″-29″ 33-74cm
Tray Fore/Aft Range (from seat pivot to standard chest pad) 1″-11″ 2.5-28cm
Frame Footprint (Swing-Away Standard) 27.5″-44″ 70-112 cm
Frame Footprint (Swing-Away Swivel Front) 29.5″x47.5″ 75x121cm

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