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Natural Fit Ergonomic Grip Wheelchair Handrims - Kit by Out-Front

Natural Fit Ergonomic Grip Wheelchair Handrims - Kit by Out-Front
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Ergonomic Grip Wheelchair Handrims Kit by Natural Fit. These Natural-Fit Handrims feature a unique design that more than noticeably improves the fit of the rim to users' hands.  The Natural Fit Ergonomic Grip Wheelchair Handrims Kit's specialized design features and their benefits have been broken down for you below:

  • Offers ergonomic surfaces for the thumb, fingers, and for the palm of the hand - significantly improving the contact area for gripping the handrim
  • You can get a specially coated high friction thumb surface to enhance propulsion and braking to maximum efficiency
  • Rim fits to wheel with no gap. This means the fingers and thumb will not get caught between the rim and wheel
  • Causes less stress on the shoulder, wrist, and fingers - reducing the likelihood of experiencing pain and injury (tendonitus, arthritus, etc.) as a result of daily propulsion
  • Sound scientific evidence from the field and from the lab inspired the Natural Fit Ergonomic Grip Wheelchair Handrims Kit. This gives users confidence in the optimal design of the Natural-Fit
  • Lightweight durable aluminum - Adds little additional weight or width relative to standard handrims
  • Attaches to the wheel of a wide variety of wheelchairs, affording trouble-free replacement of your existing handrims
  • Priced per pair
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Tyler Browning
These are AMAZING! They feel great, really help get a better push and knock out hand fatigue. They look great! I love the black! Also, they were relatively easy to install. Total install only took about 1hr and 30mins. If you have or can borrow bicycle tire irons, it will make it ALOT easier to install, since you DO have to remove the tire, on Spinergy Spox at least. Very pleased with Sportaid, ordered on Wednesday, got them on Monday. Very good product! Get them and you will NOT regret it!
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It was with considerable difficulty that I installed these rims on my Quickie Ti chair. I will state that I consider myself to be in the expert category in the area of mechanical assembly, relationships and maintenance of my chairs.

First of all one of the rims had one screw hole that was slightly off position which required the use of considerable work to get it and all the resulting misaligned parts to work. Second of all, the instructions were somewhat vague and there were parts missing. These missing parts forced me to reuse parts from my old rim setup, which you are cautioned against, but what are you to do when sitting there with all these parts and the need to get the job done? The result was the need to bend the tabs sticking out of the old wheel rims and by-the-way the directions said this might happen with some wheels. The need to bend the tabs caused a permanent misalignment of all 12 rim attachments, and this is so incredibly lame. This could have been avoided with the simple addition of several spacer washers in the kit.

I have written Sportaid about this and am hoping for a resolution.

On the good side, once everything was jimmied and persuaded into fitting, the rims are are a very good addition to my chair -- just as stated in the product description. It is just a shame that the product had to be so diminished by these quality control issues in manufacture and packaging.
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After repetitive/tendonitis injury due to the tight/small grip from regular handrims, I needed to purchase Natural Fit 1.5in. pair. Definitely prevented injury due to grip. Though handrims did add more weight to my wheelchair, it was worth adding on. You do have to bend Q-tabs a bit to make them fit. Not a problem, just use pliers to bend each tab inwards (in my case) about 1 to 2mm.
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