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Vicair Adjuster Low Profile Wheelchair Cushion

Vicair Adjuster Low Profile Wheelchair Cushion
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Price is not the only factor to consider when buying your new Vicair Adjuster Low Profile Wheelchair Cushion, the fast delivery from Sportaid is a crowd pleaser!


The Vicair Adjuster Wheelchair Cushion is now on sale at Sportaid. Wheelchair users with severe functional or anatomical body-asymmetry or both can find a great solution with the Vicair Adjuster Wheelchair Cushion. The Vicair Adjuster Wheelchair Cushion has a front end that is broken down into two compartments that are fully adjustable in cell density in case of foot propulsion. The Vicair Adjuster Wheelchair Cushion is a highly recommended, tried and true solution for hemiplegic wheelchair users. Available in ten standard sizes.



  • Choice of cushion cover
  • Stretch-Air fabric (breathable, high stretch)
  • Comfort-Tek fabric (easy cleaning, high stretch)
  • Includes incontinent inner liner
  • Initially 2.5" thick, front & rear (low profile)


 No longer available. See VIC-ADJ-02-LOW.

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Raul Ortegon
May 12, 2019
Vicair seat cushion is one of my favorite possessions. I lovingly call it my "$500 insurance bill rate seat cover." I end up with a seat bucket by necessity, my rear seat height how high from the ground I want to sit and front seat height what works for me when transferring. I also like the stability of a bucket when going down hills or slowing down hard from going fast but I'm told that could be resolved with a seat cushion. The dealer who ordered my current wheelchair tried to get me to get a more flat seat frame and make up the bucket with a seat cushion but I declined. Invacare would not put the ergonomic seat on my chair because of the short seat length.

I don't really need a wheelchair back, I just need some rear end support so that my butt doesn't keep sliding back, back. I only use a seat back in order to hang my backpack. I tried different combinations of seat cushions that would provide the rear end support I wanted but none worked for me. I resolved to having rolled up socks at the rear end. When I first got this Vicair cushion I could feel the potential for providing a good combination between support and comfort but I had problems with the standard seat cushion cover. It's like a balloon! It would rub on the tires and wheel spokes and I did not want to have to get side guards to keep it in. I took the seat cover to a seamstress to make it tighter but... well to be honest I don't remember why it didn't work for me but it didn't. And the little packets of air kept either popping or slowly deflating!

I had a plethora of seat cushion covers from all the seat cushions I bought and I tried them all. I found the Jay Basic cover perfect for my needs. It does a great job of holding the Vicair in and not protruding into the wheels. Maybe I'll review it, too... Vicair also fixed the air packet popping or deflating problem. Whereas I used to always keep a bag of extra air packets around I don't think I've had to replace any in many, many months. I love this seat cushion and that's why I'm taking my time to review it.

Advantages: (With the Jay Basic cover) **I can set how much support I want where I want it (rear, sides, middle, front) by putting more air packets there and positioning the cushion like one would a bean bag chair.** I can fine tune support within a couple of packets - I find that incredible! That is money. The compartments in the Vicair are decently separated and although the packets can and do move between compartments they generally stay where I put them in between transfers (I transfer when I'm at work and when I chill at home). The air packets are very reliable, I haven't had to replace any in a long time. It is very comfortable, just as much as any foam cushion with the added benefit of being able to dial in extra support where I want it. Last time I changed the seat cover to wash it the Vicair that holds the air packets was doing fine. I consciously push the cushion back when transferring so as not to wear it down in the corner and that has probably helped. The fact that I use a seat cushion cover from a different manufacturer makes it difficult to grade some maintenance aspects but the Vicair without the cover was easy to clean and does not seem to permanently absorb odors.

Disadvantages: Without wheelchair side guards I don't see how someone would not have problems with it overpuffing, extending past the seat width. Maybe other people really fill it up with packets, that helped reign the cushion in but then it was more like a 3" cushion instead of a 2" cushion so I didn't like that solution. I would also not recommend this seat cushion to those that can't reposition themselves because I do have to readjust it between transfers. If it's hot and muggy out I will have to "puff it up" because it will flatten and shrink where I will feel like my butt is going to touch the bottom of the wheelchair seat but for me readjusting myself and it is not a problem and it can usually wait until the next wheelcair transfer so I'm not subtracting from five stars. To summarize, it can be too puffy with the standard seat cushion cover. If I needed a 3" cushion a 2" one may be better, that sort of thing.
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Adjuster Features

  • Five fully adjustable compartments provide custom fit with maintenance free air cells.
  • Newly designed Comfort Cells are softer and quieter, allowing the user to immerse into the cushion more than ever before.
Adjuster Features

Add or remove "Comfort Cells" as needed to customize the cushion to fit each person's individual needs. Newly designed comfort cells are softer and quieter. This gives the cushion a softer feel and allows the user to immerse into the cushion more.
Vicair Air Cells
Vicair Adjuster High Profile Wheelchair Cushion - Specifications
Reflective Piping BE SEEN, BE SAFE

Comfort Company backrests and cushions feature reflective piping to ensure we are doing our part to promote safety and protect the wheelchair user. Reflective piping has the ability to return a large portion of light directly back to the source it came from, allowing it to be seen from up to 500 feet away in low light conditions. Make sure you are visible.

STRETCH-AIR Designed to be airy and breathable with a superior stretch. Stretch AirTM provides heat dissipation for comfort while the multi-directional stretch contributes to pressure relief by allowing the user to gain the full benefit of the back support or cushion design. Latex-free.Stretch-Air Cover
COMFORT-TEK Designed for infection control and as an incontinence barrier, this Polyurethane material has a smooth and extremely soft top layer with a high-stretch Polyester backing. It is an easily cleaned surface using most common disinfectants. Latex free.Comfort-Tek Cover
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