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Quickie All Court Titanium Basketball Wheelchair

Price isn't all that matters when you are considering buying Quickie All Court Titanium Basketball Wheelchair, excellent customer service is priceless!


Consumers choose Quickie for top level sports performance the premium is the Quickie Ti All Court, designed to reflect the winning Quickie (aluminum) All Court, but improved in weight to durability ratio by a titanium seat-frame. Save 3 pounds on the weight of the chair with titanium. Find your competitive edge with a new range of options on your Quickie Ti All Court. Basketball. Quad Rugby. Hockey. Football.

They call it All Court for a good reason. Dominate in any domain. The center mass adjustment is a QUICKIE patent that lets you dial it in just right. The front caster design and the integral anti-tip stabilizer are among Quickie's latest innovations. Basketball wings, 3" micros casters, and 24" rear wheels are all standard on your Quickie Titanium Wheelchair. Camber options of 16 or 20 degrees.

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Base Frame  
Frame Color
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Aztec Gold
Black (n/a w/Zebra)
Black Cherry
Black Opal
Blue Opal
Candy Blue
Candy Purple
Candy Red
Electric Blue
Green Apple
Hot Sparkle Pink
Mauve Pink
Sparkle Silver
Sunrise Orange
Titanium Finish
Matte Black
Matte Black Cherry
Matte Electric Blue
Matte Evergreen
Matte Purple
Desert Camouflage( +$236.00)
Mossy Oak Camouflage( +$236.00)
Stars and Strips( +$236.00)
Zebra (choose base color above)( +$236.00)
Omit Color
Frame Type  
Frame Length  
Seat Width
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Optional Extra Seat Width  
Seat Depth  
Seat Sling  
Seat Pan  
Rear Seat Height  
Front Seat Height  
Back Type  
Back Height  
Back Upholstery  
Adaptive Platform Spacer  
Camber Tube  
Rear Wheels  
Rear Wheel Tire  
Handrim Mount  
Rear Anti-Tip  
Rear Anti-Tip Integral
Rear Anti-Tip Quick Release( +$72.00)
Spoke Guard  
Side Guard  
Positioning Belts  
Neoprene Impact Guard
Black Utility Backpack( +$44.00)
Backpack - Black/Charcoal - Kids( +$40.00)
Seat Pouch - Black/Charcoal( +$36.00)
Pad for Backrest Crossbar (required for tournament play)( +$24.00)
Chest Strap 2" (48" length)( +$24.00)
Chest Strap 4" (48" length)( +$32.00)
Toe Clips( +$40.00)
5th Wheel Support( +$88.00)

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gabriel bonano
Although it is a little hard to get used to at first this chair is very easy to move in, it has great speed and the turning is that of no chair i have ever been on.
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florencio gonzalez
nice i love it
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The Quickie Ti All Court features special extra-hard caster wheels (92 durometer hardness). The new casters ensure that chair speed and maneuverability are not simply absorbed in the wheels.
Extreme camber options of 16° and 20° offer superior stability and effortless turning.
The new ratchet-style positioning belt was inspired by a prototype developed by our one of own athletes. This belt features two sets of locking ratchet-clamps similar to those used in snowboard bindings. These ratchet-clamps allow the tightest possible connection to the chair. The stronger the connection, the easier upper-body movements transfer into chair movement.
The Quickie Ti All Court offers a 1/2 sized seat pan. Because the wheelchair basketball association does not allow seat-to-floor heights greater than 53 cm, it is critical that any sag in the rear seat sling is eliminated. This is why centers, and other players who need to maintain maximum chair-height, request this option.
The Quickie Ti All Court features a 5th wheel anti-tip brace. This adjustable brace, located between the backrest towel bar and the integrated anti-tip, eliminates the rearward flex in the seat frame caused when a player leans backwards.

Center-Of-Mass Adjustment System
Our patented center-of-mass adjustment system provides a maximum horizontal (center-of-gravity) adjustment-range of 3.5" and up to 5" of vertical seat-squeeze (or seat dump) adjustment. This combination of adjustment-systems allows users to align their weight over the push-wheels and optimize their seat angles without making changes in fork size, caster size, caster-stem size, or fork-hole location.
Single-Wing Bumper
The Quickie Ti All Court's single-wing bumper is lean, lightweight, and positioned to match today's aggressive fast-paced game.
5th Wheel Anti-Tip
The Quickie Ti All Court features single (standard) or dual (optional) integrated fifth-wheel anti-tip(s). These anti-tip caster(s) allow players to move their weight directly over the rear wheels, providing a tremendous advantage in maneuverability and power.
Titanium Seat-Frame
Titanium is more than twice as strong as aluminum. This is one reason why it is possible to use much thinner tubing and still maintain overall strength. Unpainted titanium is also more scratch and corrosion resistant.

Product Weight: 21.5 lbs. (for a 16 x 16 standard frame size with no extras)
Product Width: 12 in. - 20 in. seat widths
Product Length/Depth: 10 in. - 20 in. seat depth
Product Height: 16 in. - 21 in. front seat height (dependent on frame height)
Shipping Dimensions (box 2): -empty
Product Weight Capacity: 250 lbs.
Caster Options 3" Micro's
Rear Wheel Options Spoke wheels and Spinergy sports wheels, 24 in. (540), 24 in. (559), 26 in. (590)
Axle Options Stainless steel, optional titianium or quad-release axles
Camber Options 16 or 20 degree

Quickie offers the most dependable wheelchair on the market today. We guarantee the frame for 2 years of the original purchaser and includes a 1 year warranty on Quickie made parts and components against defects in materials and workmanship. Please reference the User Instruction Manual for detailed warranty information.

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