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SmartDrive MX2+ Power Assist by Max Mobility

SmartDrive MX2+ Power Assist by Max Mobility
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Price is not the only thing that matters when it comes to buying your new SmartDrive MX2+ Power Assist by Permobil, great customer service is priceless!


Our affordable price for Permobil's SmartDrive MX2+ Power Assist is not all you will be excited about when you buy from us; you will also enjoy our priceless customer service.

Pushing a manual wheelchair can put stress on shoulders and lead to serious issues in the future. SmartDrive offers a range of controls and activity-tracking technology to deliver a seamless power assist experience that may reduce repetitive stress.

Paired with the PushTracker E2 and SwitchControl, SmartDrive offers added flexibility, convenience and control options to empower your active lifestyle.

Developed with connectivity in mind, the PushTracker E2 has been rigorously tested and proven to be consistently reliable and extremely durable. The PushTracker E2 makes using your SmartDrive easier than ever. With gesture-activated controls and activity-tracking technology you can start your SmartDrive with a simple tap of your hand—no pushing or reaching necessary. SmartDrive advances daily mobility for the manual wheelchair user. The PushTracker app produces and delivers activity statistics designed to promote optimal mobility health for the manual wheelchair user. Track distance, pushes and coast time in order to increase coast time and decrease pushes.

SwitchControl gives users another programmable option for controlling their SmartDrive. With the push of a button SmartDrive can be engaged for a momentary burst of power or activated in latched mode for consistent power over extended distances.



  • Choice of PushTracker or PushTracker E2
  • Lightweight
  • Switch control comes standard with the unit
  • No problem with curbs and wheelies
  • You can put it on and remove it with ease


It is important to note that because of the nature of this product, once you buy it, you cannot return it.

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Don & Gail
Jul 6, 2014
We’re a couple, married and both quads. We use manual chairs and live independently. We have owned our SmartDrives (we own two) for over a year. When we first saw the SmartDrive units, we were intrigued. We each have been quads for 30+ years, both have had shoulder surgery, and we love these things. Going to a full-on electric chair for us is overkill, but these give us the option to essentially “clip on” power assist when we need it. We had stopped going to the theater and night on the town because there was too much pushing. Now we’re often out catching a show or concert and after the show we wait until the aisle is clear and these push us easily up the steep carpeted exits.

We took these on a two-week vacation and were all over downtown Chicago for three days on a single charge. The riverfront in St. Louis? No problem. At home, we live in a semi-rural neighborhood. We’re always going over to one neighbors or another and often that can be up to a half mile, uphill. It’s so nice to not have to drive such a short distance. We love these things!

Advantages: - Fast and easy on and off (the piece that is permanently attached to the chair weighs only a few ounces)
- Long battery life
- Easy to control
- Does not increase the overall length or width of your chair
- Two units and batteries can be stored in less space than your average piece of carry-on luggage

Disadvantages: - Can’t really (read: shouldn’t) go in dirt. We tried but the motor is pretty strong and cannot find good traction and the dirt and small rocks gum up the omni-wheel
- Avoid water! No brainer: It’s electric for heaven’s sake
- Takes a while to get used to: It’s all about mastering a technique and being “in-tune” with it. It’s pretty “smart”, but it’s not called PsychicDrive for a raeson. Practice in a safe environment before you go out into the wild. Practice on slopes, bumps, curves and tight spaces.
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Chris Pulley
Jun 24, 2014
Great product and great customer service. They have bent over backwards to fix any bug, but this product is great.
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K Macleod
Feb 11, 2015
It is great - so easy to go from manual to electric by adding a couple pieces (battery & Wheel). Love the new independence I have: can walk the puppy now, love having hands free and not having wrist, shoulder pain. THERE IS A LEARNING CURVE!! Be careful, especially with tippy chairs. CONS: Having a battery issue after having it less than 5 months and it's not covered. Boo! Expensive repair but not out of my pocket but still doesn't seem right.
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Tom G
Sep 24, 2014
The smart drive has changed my life. I have MD which has begun to effect my arm strength, I do however still have great hand strength. The smart drive has kept me from moving into a full on power chair which I was dreading.

Advantages: Very easy to use, does require initial pushing to move it forward but once engaged it takes over. Hills are effortless. Over carpet is where it really makes life easy. Very east to travel with, great battery life. Excellent product.

Disadvantages: You have to pay attention when in use.
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