Quickie Nitrum Ultra-Lightweight Wheelchair

Quickie Nitrum Ultra-Lightweight Wheelchair
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Price is not the only thing that matters when it comes to buying your new Quickie Nitrum Ultra-Lightweight Wheelchair, live customer service is priceless!

Elevate your ride to a whole new level! The QUICKIE Nitrum is engineered to efficiently convert your energy into motion, allowing you to propel with the least amount of effort.

QUICKIE's decades of experience developing high-end manual wheelchairs coupled with feedback from wheelchair users drove the design of the Nitrum. For active users who are looking for unmatched driving performance, innovative details, and a large variety of options, the Nitrum creates the perfect match for fit and performance.

Patented, adjustable caster system

Instead of several welded parts, we use a reinforced and patented caster mechanism in a single hollow-forged component. The fewest possible elements and no moving parts give you amazing driving performance. Ultra-lightweight yet strong and durable without compromising adjustability.

Caster position is optimized for handling, turning, and maximized propulsion efficiency. Casters may be positioned narrower for more maneuverability or wider for greater stability.

A unique twist to backrest folding.

Just grab the patented Twist-Lock bar with one hand and twist it to release, fold and load the chair into your car. With double-locking, you can use the same bar to lift it. It'll also lock without removing your sideguards or low-profile cushion.

The standard option is a release bar (push up to fold) for an ergonomic and quick release of the folding mechanism. You can also choose a lightweight version of the backrest and our proprietary, stylish Freestyle® backrest.

A perfect fit for EVERY body.

Body positioning is crucial for propulsion efficency. When your weight is balanced incorrectly, your wheelchair is more difficult to push. That's why the Nitrum boasts the largest range of sizes and adjustments in its class, so you can achieve your own perfect fit.

The first integrated LEDs with removable battery.

Mounted on both caster arms, the Nitrum's integrated LEDs will light up your night. The power pack provides up to 4 hours of run time and can be easily detached for recharging or to reduce the overall weight of the chair. How's that for bright?

Product details
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Base Model
Learn more
Backrest Frame Type  
Frame Angle
Learn more
Frame Inset Per Side
Learn more
Frame Length
Learn more
112TO45 - Transit System( +$293.60)
Depth Adjustable Backrest (Optional)
Learn more
Seat Width
Learn more
Seat Depth
Learn more
Seating Systems  
Seat Sling Options
Learn more
1128A65 - 1 Utility Bag( +$67.20)
1128A66 - 1 Catheter Bag( +$67.20)
Front Seat Height
Learn more
Caster Fork and Suspension  
Caster Wheels  
Caster Color Wheels option
Learn more
Caster Housing Position  
Rear Seat Height
Learn more
Axle Plate
Learn more
Rear Suspension (Optional)
Learn more
Rear Wheel
Learn more
Rear Wheel Tire  
Xtender Power Assist
Learn more
Xtender Power Assist - Handrim  
Xtender - Other Options  
Xtender Wheel Options  
Spinergy Spoke Colors (Optional)  
Learn more
Handrim Tab Mount options  
Learn more
Center of Gravity Preset
Learn more
Wheel Lock  
Wheel Lock Options
Learn more
112EH6 - Extension Handle (Pair)( +$68.80)
112WL12 - Do Not Mount
Learn more
Adaptive Platform Spacer
Learn more
112AD1 - Adaptive Platform 2" Spacer( +$86.40)
112AD2 - Adaptive Platform 4" Spacer( +$86.40)
112AD3 - Adaptive Platform 6" Spacer( +$86.40)
Footrest Options  
112DI03 - Leg Strap( +$36.80)
112DI04 - Extra Leg Strap( +$36.80)
112DI05 - Gel Hanger Cover( +$96.80)
112DI07 - Neoprene Impact Guards( +$82.40)
112DI02 - Wear Pads( +$45.60)
112DI06 - Position Plates (N/A for Tubular Footrest)( +$45.60)
112DI08 - High Mount options( +$49.60)
Lower Leg Length
Learn more
Adjustable Back Type  
Active Rigid Back Type  
Aluminum Height Adjustable Backrest (Choose Option 1 or 2 below)  
Ultra Lightweight Aluminum Fixed Backrest  
Freestyle Backrest (Option 3)  
Backrest Height (Option 3)  
Backrest Color (Option 3)  
Backrest Width (Option 3)  
Back release  
Towel Bar  
Push Handles  
Backrest Options  
Backrest Upholstery  
Military Service Patches  
Armrest - Padded Swing Away  
Armrest - Height Adjustable  
Armpad - For Height Adjustable  
Side Guards  
Side Guard - Color Option  
Anti Tips  
Active Lifestyle Options  
112A1 - Backpack - Adult( +$68.80)
112A2 - Backpack - Kids( +$55.20)
1121A01 - Seat Pouch Black( +$45.60)
1128A47 - Mobile phone pocket( +$23.20)
1129A06 - Twin LED lights( +$196.80)
112A999 - Quickie Water Bottle & Holder( +$49.60)
Spoke Guards  
Positioning Belt  
112A2100 - Crutch Holder( +$178.40)
1128A21 - Tool Kit( +$49.60)
112NP01 - Gel Swing Away Pad( +$137.60)
1129A07 - Frame Protections pads( +$89.60)
Frame Color
Learn more
Personalized Frame Color
Learn more
Frame Decal Colors  
Anodized Color Package  
Frame Graphics
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