Z4 Portable Hand Control

Z4 Portable Hand Control
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Price isn't all that matters when you are considering buying Z4 Portable Hand Control, excellent customer service is priceless!


The easy on easy off design of the Z4 Portable Hand Control makes it great for temporary use for rentals, loaners, test drives and second cars. If you are driving a vehicle with power steering, power brakes and automatic transmission the Z4 Portable Hand Control can keep you driving! Ease of use was kept in mind every step of the Z4 Portable Hand Control's development process. Z4 Portable Car Hand Controls are easy to use - push to go, push to stop and easy to install. This product comes with its own carrying bag and folds down to 22” for easy transport. Good hand and arm strength are required to use these hand controls. If you don't like them a 30 day money back guarantee provided.  Portable hand controls MUST be removed for standard foot use. To be used on a TEMPORARY basis only.


Features of Z4 Portable Hand Control


  • Easy to install
  • Car Hand Controls come with carrying bag
  • Features a 30 day guarantee
  • Made of stainless steel
  • The best on the market


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(9 reviews)  

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I have used these for 16 years and they are great! I travel a lot (business and pleasure) and will pack these in my luggage, and then attach them to any rental they give me. They handle superior to those you get when (if available!) you ask for hand controls from the rental company. The single challenge I have had has been attaching to some gas pedals that have "fins" down the back of the pedal, but have overcome that with a huge rubberband I wrap around the pedal below the attach point. Great product/buy!
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Yes, it's the best on the market !
I really love it ! So useful for holidays or when you need to use a different car as yours (rental, work, ...) in a minute. Just need an automatic gear box ...
Quality and very light product. Easy to cary in baggage and very easy to put on the car. Now i'm using it at list every six month : it can be on or off in less than 5 minutes.
I'm using it every year since 2005 (5 years ago) and i will not be able to go in holidays without it. No more worries when you rent a car : just ask for an automatic and you can drive ! I have used it on both side : wheel on left side (in France) and wheel on right (in Australia or New Zealand).
The only thing is : it's more confortable with a cruise control for long trip to keep your hand off the accelerator but it is true with all hand controls.
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Dec 10, 2015
They work. There is a model out there that snaps into place on the peddles and thus can be installed without bending over to screw the wingnuts down. But I can't find them so I have these as my temporary/portable hand controls. My regular cars have permanent controls which are much safer, but sometimes you need to drive a rental or other family member's car.

Advantages: I like the design where you push for both gas and break. Most controls work differently. Also, the design is based on PULLING on the brake while pushing on the gas, thus making it harder to accidentally power brake (pushing brake and gas at same time, which is fun at the drag strip but dangerous in normal driving). BUT, you could power brake if you needed to (at the drag strip for instance).

Disadvantages: Adjusting the length is much more frustrating than it should be, as it's a game of moving 2 moving rods at the same time and trying to figure out the length. On top of that, the adjustment nuts use different size allen wrenches on the brake versus gas. Why?? A non-disabled driver can NOT drive with these installed on the peddles, and if they try it is VERY dangerous. My car was almost totaled when someone tried to park my car once. However, if you put the clamps on the rods and not the peddles, someone else can drive with their feet. BUT, that's a LOT harder to install as you have to completely remove the clamps then reattach them. Attaching clamps as a paraplegic is a hassle, especially the gas peddle. Attaching them to the rods is that much harder. Get someone else to do it for you.
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Jul 23, 2014
I didn't know these were still made. Have had my set for at least 20 years. Used to use them with every rental car, but a few years ago the backs of many of the pedals are molded such that they do not accommodate the limitations of the attachment. I'm not clear on a previous writer's solution using a huge rubber band. Also, when you rent the car, don't tell them you're going to install these - I have had them deny me usage of the car! What they don't know won't hurt, just don't get in an accident! I use these on my convertible so I didn't have to get permanents installed. Lost the grip on one when I used to use it on my riding lawn mower and it jiggled off.
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James Butner
Apr 6, 2014
This customer purchased the item at our site.
It works well and is easy to install. Portable but safe.
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