Wheelchair Racing Gloves

The right Wheelchair Racing Gloves can have a significant impact on your wheelchair sports performance. Proper us of the hard surface under your thumb and on the top of the middle fingers prevents injuries to your hands while making it easy to push the rim. An effect pair of racing gloves provides additional stability to the push surface, and keeps the hand in an optimal push position. The ends result is a dramatic improvement in the effectiveness of your contact with the rim and reduction of blisters.

Sportaid lets you choose from a full line of fine wheelchair racing gloves you can afford. Everyone's favorite brands and styles are here for the choosing. Take your pick from Aquaplast, Harpix, and more, in the form of 2 - Fingered Racing Wheelchair Gloves, 2 - Pocket Mitt Wheelchair Racing Gloves, and Glove Liners. With modern design innovations, these gloves let you push your wheelchair easily and rapidly. Our professionals will assist you in making the best choices in price and performance allowing you to compete with a passion to win.

For an exhilarating experience and a smooth ride to victory lane, browse through our quality selection of High Performance Wheelchair Racing Gloves below or feel free to call 1-800-743-7203 for expert assistance.

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Presta Valve Extensions 2 - Pocket Mitt Wheelchair Racing Gloves - Discounted Aquaplast Custom Racing Glove Kit
Cost: $5.25
Retail: $6.99 save 25%
Cost: $25.00
Retail: $59.00 save 58%
Cost: $29.00
Retail: $39.00 save 26%
Glove Liners (One Size Fits All) Aquaplast Pellets Aquaplast Sheets/White
Cost: $3.99
Cost: $52.00
Retail: $69.00 save 25%
Cost: $59.00
Retail: $69.00 save 14%
Black Glove Rubber - 2 pieces 4" x 5" Black Glove Rubber - Sheet 12" x 15" Harpix Hand Ball Klister
Cost: $7.99
Retail: $8.99 save 11%
Cost: $35.00
Retail: $49.00 save 29%
Cost: $21.99
Retail: $29.00 save 24%
Pro Match Hand Ball Klister Select Hand Ball Klister Cleaner Spray Select Hand Ball Spray
Cost: $30.00
Retail: $39.00 save 23%
Cost: $16.99
Retail: $24.00 save 29%
Cost: $26.99
Retail: $33.00 save 18%

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