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Colours Hammer Quad Rugby Wheelchair

Agility and responsiveness are the first words that come to mind when most consumers thing of the Colours Hammer Quad Rugby Wheelchair. Contact sports like hockey and quad rugby have never been more advanced than now with the Hammer, taking into account a wide "Hammer" head front end design and a large aluminum tubing diameter. If you have very specific needs and you know what you want, the “Hammer” the wheelchair for you. Get serious with wheelchair sports and hit your adrenaline to the max with Colours Wheelchairs.


  • Offensive wings
  • Coated handrims
  • Custom wheelie bar
  • Picking front end
  • Cushion
  • Custom paint
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Stock# 8322
Retail: $2,400.00
Cost: $1,560.00
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Frame Colors  
Seat Width  
Seat Depth  
Frame Length  
Wheelie Bar Style  
Frame Option  
Backrest Height
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Backrest Type  
Front Seat Height (w/Mini Caster)  
Rear Seat Height  
Center of Gravity  
Inside Wheel Clearence  
Lower Leg Length (Seat Sling to Footrest)  
Wheel Size  
Wheel Type
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Tab Length  
Side Guards  
Seat Cushion  
Frame Protectors/Black Leather/Zipper Type(+$58.50 )
Spoke Protectors/Black Only (+$80.25 )
Seat Belt w/Auto Buckle - 1.5" Black Belt Only(+$51.75 )
Ratchet Strap - Small(+$93.75 )
Ratchet Strap - Medium (+$93.75 )
Ratchet Strap - Large(+$93.75 )
Upholstery Choice & Color  
Cost: $1,560.00
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