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TiLite Aero T Rigid Aluminum Wheelchair

TiLite Aero T Rigid Aluminum Wheelchair
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Price is not the only thing that matters when it comes to buying the TiLite Aero T Rigid Aluminum Wheelchair, live customer service is priceless!


The soul of a chair lies in how it rolls, how it handles the real world, how it puts the power to the ground, how it manages the next curb, and how it tracks down a hall or a sidewalk. How a chair does all these things is a function of the chair’s geometry, and that is the heart of the innovation of the Aero T. The lengths of its tubes and the angles at which they interface are the keys to the exceptional performance of the Aero T.



  • New, Swept-In Dual-Tube Frame.
    • Advance frame geometry insures:
      • Extraordinary handling on any surface
      • Superior rigidity
      • Optimal energy transfer
    • Sweeping curve of the lower frame tube creates a unique look as the lower frame blends in and fades away.


  • Curved titanium backrest tube further enhances the clean new look.
  • TiShaft back release bar makes folding and unfolding the backrest easy from any angle.
  • Adjustable Camber Mount incorporates TiLite’s Tru-Fit System with up to 3.5” of Rear Seat Height adjustment.

*Pictured with ROHO Carbon Fiber Agility Back, ROHO Quadtro Cushion and Carbon Fiber Side Guards.

Product details
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Frame Style  
Permobil Smart Drive MX2+
Learn more
Permobil Smart Drive MX2+ / ZMAXSD6 - PushTracker E3( +$5,933.60)
Permobil Smart Drive MX2+ / ZMAXSD7 - PushTracker( +$5,933.60)
Permobil Smart Drive MX2+ / No PushTracker required( +$5,933.60)
SwitchControl buttons (two) - Comes Standard
SwitchControl with Mono Jack Option( +$124.80)
Carrying Bag( +$65.60)
Universal padded handle( +$16.80)
USB power bank (2600 mAh)( +$16.80)
Quick fix roller replacement kit( +$196.00)
Frame Options
Learn more
THDR1 - Heavy Duty Frame (350 Pound (158kg) Weight Limit)( +$362.40)
TQST1 - Q’Straint Adaptable Frame (350 Pound (158kg) Weight Limit)( +$362.40)
TPWR1 - Power Adaptable Frame for Frank Mobility System( +$283.20)
TRFR1 - Reinforced Frame( +$283.20)
Frame Finishes
Learn more
Color Anodize Package
Learn more
Rear Seat Width
Learn more
Front Seat Width
Learn more
Seat Depth
Learn more
Ergonomic Seat
Learn more
Front Seat Height
Learn more
Rear Seat Height
Learn more
Front Angle or Overall Length
Learn more
Seat to Footrest
Learn more
Learn more
Footrest Width - Standard Front End
Learn more
Footrest Width - V Front End  
ROHO Agility Active Aluminum Back Ssupport  
Shell Height - 8”
Shell Height - 10”
BRS14 - Min Contour AGILITY Active with Foam( +$512.80)
BRS15 - Mid Contour AGILITY Active with Foam( +$512.80)
ROHO Agility Active Carbon Back Support  
Shell Height - 10”
Shell Height - 13”
Shell Height - 16”
Min Contour ROHO AGILITY Carbon Back with Foam w/ Air Insert( +$556.00)
ACB1 - AGILITY Active Carbon Upgrade (Not available with Bolt-on Push Handles)( +$280.00)
Mid Contour ROHO AGILITY Carbon Back with Foam w/ Air Insert( +$565.60)
ACB2 - AGILITY Active Carbon Upgrade(Not available with Bolt-on Push Handles)( +$270.40)
Fixed Hardware (Not available with 18” Shell Height or Folding Chairs.)
Comfort Acta-Embrace  
Shell Height - 10”
Shell Height - 12”
Shell Height - 14”
Shell Height - 16”
SBRS16 - Acta-Embrace Back with 2-PT Quick Release Compass Hardware( +$458.40)
CPSB1 - Comfort Privacy Shield( +$31.20)
Comfort Acta-Relief  
Shell Height - 10”
Shell Height - 12”
Shell Height - 14”
Shell Height - 16”
SBRS13 - Acta-Relief Back with 2-PT Quick Release Compass Hardware( +$626.40)
CPSB1 - Comfort Privacy Shield( +$31.20)
Seat Back Type
Learn more
TISHAFT Back Release Bars  
Push Handles  
Back Height
Learn more
Backrest that Locks when Folded (n/a w/Ergonomic Seat)  
Backrest Rigidizer Bars
Learn more
Seat Back Angle
Learn more
Center of Gravity
Learn more
Rear Wheel Spacing
Learn more
Camber Plugs  
Learn more
Camber Tube  
Front Wheels  
Front Fork  
Front Fork Options  
Rear Wheel Size  
Rear Wheel Type
Learn more
Spinergy Spoke Colors  
Learn more
Rear Wheel Tires  
Tab Length  
Wheel Locks  
Wheel Lock Options  
Back Upholstery
Learn more
Ultrasuede Backrest Stripe  
Black( +$88.00)
Seat Upholstery  
Seat Cushions  
Side Guards  
Side Guard Options  
Armrest Options  
Seat Belts  
Seat Belt Options  
TBLT10 - Bodypoint Optional Band Clamp Mounting Hardware( +$16.80)
Calf Strap  
Residual Limb Support  
TRSL1 - Left Pad Width - 8” x 10"( +$328.80)
TRSL1 - Right Pad Width - 8” x 10"( +$328.80)
TRSL2 - Pair (8" wide x 10" long)( +$657.60)
Back Pack  
TBCK3 - Black Permobil Back Pack( +$79.20)
Seat Pouch  
TPCH3 - Black Permobil Seat Pouch( +$50.40)
TPCH4 - Bodypoint Mobility Bag( +$83.20)
Spoke Guards  
TGRD1 - Clear Lexan with TiMotion Logo (N/A W/Mag Rear Wheels.)( +$112.80)
Neoprene Impact Guards w/Ultrasuede Strip  
Black( +$88.00)
TUEST1 - Upper Extremity Support Tray - 12" to 14" seat width( +$241.60)
TUEST1 - Upper Extremity Support Tray - 13" to 15" seat width( +$241.60)
TLUG1 - Luggage Carriers( +$120.80)
TCBR11 - Aditional Spacers to Increase Rear Wheel Spacing
TCH1 - Crutch Holder( +$187.20)
4” Logo Patch  

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Quickie Seat Upholstery
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Frame Type* Rigid
Frame Style* Dual-Tube
Frame Material* Aluminum
(Titanium Upgrade Available)
TiFit* Yes
Adjustability* Full Adjustability
Growable* N/A
Custom Configuration* Yes
Frame Options SuperLite Edition
Heavy Duty Frame
Power Adaptable Frame
Reinforced Frame
Transport Weight** 12 lb.
Chair Width Calculate Width
Seat Width 12" - 20"
Seat Depth 12" - 20"
Front Seat Height 15" - 21"
Rear Seat Height 13" - 21"
Camber 0°, 2°, 4°, 6°, 8°, or 12°
Front Frame Angle 70°, 80°, 85°, or 90°
Footrest Width Options Standard Taper
V-Front End
Seat Back Type Folding Seat Back
Adj. Height 8.5" - 21"
Adj. Angle 80° - 101°
Center of Gravity Adjustment 5"
Weight Limit Standard - 265 lb.
Heavy Duty - 350 lb.
Transit Options N/A
Warranty Lifetime on Frame
One Year on TiLite Components

Red = Fixed | Green = Adjustable

**Weight based on 16″ x 16″ wheelchair with all standard features except rear wheels. Rear wheels are not included due to the varying weights of the numerous wheel configurations offered by TiLite. For reference, a pair of standard 24″ (540) rear wheels weighs 7.2 lb.

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