Top End Lil Excelerator Handcycle

Price is not the only factor to consider when buying the Top End Lil Excelerator Handcycle, the fast delivery from Sportaid is a crowd pleaser!


A great way to just have fun, the Top End Li'l Excelerator handcycle is what your child needs to ride with you or his/her friends. This extremely stable and maneuverable upright three-wheel handcycle is kid sized and safe for even the first time cyclist.

The 7-speed hub, with reverse braking, means your childs hands never have to come off of the cranks. And, with fully adjustable chain tension idler, there is no need to add or remove chain links with crank height adjustments. Fits kids who are between 42"-62", but custom sizing is always available.

Perfect handcycle for kids between the ages of 5 to 15 or small adults.



  • Carbon steel oval tube upright frame with powder coat paint built in kids size.
  • Chain guard, parking brake, safety leg straps, Shimano 7-speed hub with reversing drum brake, easy-to-reach 7-speed shifter.
  • Adjustable tension seat upholstery, fold-over back upholstery, adjustable back height, adjustable fore and aft sliding seat, adjustable height/angle dual footrests.
  • Cushion, 20 inch spoked performance wheels with cruiser tires.
  • Vertical ergonomic or horizontal hand pedals, adjustable crank height, adjustable chain tension idler.
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Base Model  
Seat Width  
Camber Angle  
Crank Type
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Hand Pedal Type
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65080 - Reverse Activated Drum Brake - STD
65090 - Locking Parking Brake - STD
Upholstery Colors  
Seat Upholstery  
30014 - Adjustable Tension Seat Upholstery (STD)
25060 - Hook and Loop Positioning Strap (STD)
25063 - Seat Cushion (STD)
Back Style  
25061 - Safety Flag - NCO
25062 - Chain Guard - NCO
25014 - Mirror, Rear View( +$21.00)
25015 - Front Light (White)( +$10.50)
25016 - Rear Light (Red)( +$10.50)
25018 - Helmet - Small/Medium( +$21.00)
25019 - Helmet - Medium/Large( +$21.00)
25021 - Water bottle & Cage( +$35.00)
25001 - Click Strap, 8" Small( +$52.50)
25002 - Click Strap, 10" Medium( +$56.00)
25003 - Click Strap, 12" Large( +$63.00)
25022 - Wheel Alignment Gauge( +$150.50)
25023 - Crank Width Extensions (not installed) (+1.5" of crank width per set)( +$14.00)
25006 - Crutch Holder( +$105.00)
Bike Rack, Hitch 1 1/4"( +$385.00)
Bike Rack, Hitch 2"( +$420.00)
Frame Color  
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