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Quickie Match Point Titanium Tennis Wheelchair

Quickie Match Point Titanium Tennis Wheelchair
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Price is not the only thing that matters when it comes to buying your new Quickie Match Point Titanium Tennis Wheelchair, great customer service is priceless!


You, like all true wheel chair sports enthusiasts, owe it to yourself to try the new Quickie Ti Match Point Sport Wheelchair. Take all the best concepts of the Aluminum Quickie Match Point, and apply all those beloved features to a titanium seat-frame. The Quickie Ti Match Point weighs a good 2.5 pounds less than the aluminum version. The titanium replacement and a whole bunch of new optional features are the concepts that bring the Quickie Ti Match Point into the new era of sports wheelchairs. Similar in most basic ways to the All Court Sports Wheelchair, the Ti Match Point applies them to a more tennis-oriented scape. With Quickie's patented center mass adjustment you can dial it in just right. Innovative front caster design and integral anti-tip provide stability. This sports wheelchair comes standard with 24" rear wheels, 3" micro casters, and single integral anti tip.

Options: Pictured with Cushion, Spox Wheels & Aluminum Side Guards

  • 2" Cushion
  • Titanium Axles
  • Spox Wheels
  • Quad Release Axles
  • Double Integral Anti-Tip Tubes
  • Custom Colors
  • Aluminum Side Guards
  • Eccentric Axle Sleeve


Product details
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Base Frame  
Frame Color
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Aztec Gold
Black (n/a w/Zebra)
Black Cherry
Black Opal
Blue Opal
Candy Blue
Candy Purple
Candy Red
Electric Blue
Green Apple
Hot Sparkle Pink
Mauve Pink
Sparkle Silver
Sunrise Orange
Titanium Finish
Matte Black
Matte Black Cherry
Matte Electric Blue
Matte Evergreen
Matte Purple
Desert Camouflage( +$330.75)
Mossy Oak Camouflage( +$330.75)
Stars and Strips( +$330.75)
Zebra (choose base color above)( +$330.75)
Omit Color
Frame Length  
Seat Width  
Optional Seat Width  
Seat Depth  
Seat Pan  
Rear Seat Height  
Front Seat Height  
Back Type  
Back Height  
Backrest Upholstery  
Adaptive Platform Spacer  
Camber Tube  
Rear Wheel  
Rear Wheel Tire  
Handrim Mount  
Rear Anti-Tip  
Spoke Guard  
Side Guard  
Backpack/Seat Pouch  
Black Utility Backback( +$63.00)
Black/Charcoal Backpack Kids( +$50.25)
Seat Pouch Black/Charcoal( +$42.00)
Positioning Belt  
Neoprene Impact Guard
Chest Strap 2" (48" Length)( +$25.50)
Chest Strap 4" (48" Length)( +$33.75)
Backrest Crossbar Pad( +$25.50)
Tire Pump( +$67.50)
Toe Clips( +$42.00)
5th Wheel Support( +$92.25)
024A999 - Quickie Water Bottle and Holder( +$45.75)

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 Center-of-Mass Adjustment System
Center-of-Mass Adjustment System

Our patented center-of-mass adjustment system provides 3.5" of center-of-gravity adjustment and up to 5" of vertical seat squeeze adjustment without having to make changes in fork size, caster size, caster-stem size, or fork-hole location. This allows you to optimize your wheelchair's setup for maneuverability and efficiency without adding complexity or extra parts.

Wide Footprint

The Match Point lightweight wheelchair features an extra wide front footprint, meaning the caster wheels are set farther apart than other sports wheelchairs. This wide stance gives you additional stability when you are leaning forward or to the side to return a tough shot.

 Wide Footprint
 Titanium Frame Option
Titanium Frame Option

For the lightest possible weight, choose the Match Point Ti®. Its titanium seat frame shaves over 2.5 lbs. off the chair's overall weight! Perfect for an avid athlete, titanium is also scratch and corrosion resistant.

Product Weight:

20 lbs. (for a 16 x 16 stadard frame-size with no extras)

Product Width:

12 in. - 20 in. seat widths

Product Length/Depth:

10 in. - 20 in. seat depth

Product Height:

16 in. - 21 in. front seat-height (dependent on frame height)

Product Weight Capacity:

250 lbs.

Caster Options

3" Micro's

Rear Wheel Options

Spoke wheels and Spinergy sports wheels, 24 in. (540), 24 in. (559), 26 in. (590)

Axle Options

Stainless steel, optional titanium or quad-release axles

Camber Options

16 or 20 degrees

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