Jay J2 Plus Wheelchair Cushion

Jay J2 Plus Wheelchair Cushion
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Price is not the only thing that matters when it comes to buying the Jay J2 Plus Wheelchair Cushion, live customer service is priceless!


The JAY J2 Plus Cushion offers the bariatric client all the clinical benefits of the JAY J2 Cushion with a weight capacity of 650 lbs.



  • To provide therapists and dealers the maximum amount of flexibility to address individuals' needs, the Jay J2 Plus Cushion incorporates a modular design. This design includes an easily modified base, foam overlay with multiple seat-well insert options, protective urethane overlay cover, and choice of two different outer covers.
  • Because redundant tissue expands to create wide hips, it is important to maintain a seat-well that is still within the confines of the actual bone structure. Since most pelvic bone structures do not usually extend beyond 18", all Jay J2 Plus Cushions maintain seat-wells of 13" in width.
  • The cushion base is made from a closed-cell foam. Modifications such as seat-rail cutouts, leg-length discrepancies, backpost notch-outs, etc. can be made either in the field or at the factory.
  • Excess tissue surrounding the thighs will cause the legs of a bariatric patient to splay outward. To accommodate this effect, the leg troughs of the cushion base are cut at a slightly outward angle.
  • Seat depths ranging from 18" to 22" (in 1" increments) and seat widths ranging from 20" to 26" (in 1" increments) create a range of 35 separate cushion sizes. Combined with 3 insert options and two cover options provides up to 210 different cushions to choose from.
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J2 Plus Cushion Base (Width x Depth)  
Insert Option  
Cover Type  
Extra Cover  
AirExchange Cover( +$119.00)
Lo shear Cover( +$119.00)

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 Contoured Base with Anterior Slope and 650 lb. Weight Capacity
Contoured Base with Anterior Slope and 650 lb. Weight Capacity

The J2 Plus features mild leg trough cutouts and medial thigh supports to encourage proper positioning of the pelvis and thighs for bariatric clients. A gentle anterior slope opens the hip angle to create a more upright posture. The J2 Plus' closed cell foam construction is easy to modify in our factory or in the field and accommodates changing needs.

JAY Flow® Fluid or Visco® Memory Foam Inserts

J2 Plus wheelchair seating is available with multiple insert options. For clients at high risk of skin breakdown, the JAY Flow fluid tripad conforms to each individual's shape, adjusts to sitting positions, and ensures proper fluid placement beneath bony prominences. For clients at low risk of skin breakdown, the Visco memory foam may be layered to create combinations suitable for each unique client.

 JAY Flow<sup>®</sup> Fluid or Visco<sup>®</sup> Memory Foam Inserts
 Removable Urethane Inner Cover
Removable Urethane Inner Cover

A urethane inner cover is easy to wipe off and clean and protects the foam base from moisture-build up.

AirExchange® and Moisture-Resistant Cover Options

The J2 Plus may be ordered with either two AirExchange or two moisture/incontinence-resistant covers. The AirExchange cover promotes airflow and dissipates heat and moisture to keep the client clean and dry. The low shear, moisture/incontinence-resistant cover reduces friction and shear against the client while protecting the foam base from moisture build-up.

 AirExchange<sup>®</sup> and Moisture-Resistant Cover Options
Starting Retail Price $530
Product Type Foam & Fluid Cushion
Width Range 20" to 26"
Depth Range 18" to 22"
Product Weight 7 lbs. (16x16)
Height 3.5"
Weight Capacity 650 lbs.
Base Pre-contoured structural closed cell foam
Insert JAY Flow™ fluid tripad
Inner Cover N/A
Outer Cover AirExchange™
JAY Your Way Customizations Available? Yes
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