Invacare Divided Leg Sling with Head Support

Invacare Divided Leg Sling with Head Support
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Price isn't all that matters when you are considering buying Invacare Divided Leg Sling with Head Support, excellent customer service is priceless!

Reliant slings are sold in a wide variety of styles to meet all ranges of client needs. The divided leg sling offers real security, is easy fitting for general purposes, and has been designed to suit the large majority of sling users. You can utilize the divided leg sling if you are totally dependent, partially dependent, non-weight bearing, very heavy or have limited head control. The Invacare Divided Leg Sling can also be used when transferring the resident from the bed to a wheelchair, recliner or showerchair or from the floor to a bed. With such a large opening, the Invacare Divided Leg Sling is also known for accommodating toileting. The versatility of the Invacare Divided Leg Sling provides full head and neck support and can easily be removed or applied to a resident in a seated or supine position. Even users with delicate skin can enjoy the Invacare Divided Leg Sling because it has solid fabric with extra padding just for that.


  • Large opening accommodates toileting
  • Fully-padded fabric for a soft, supportive surface
  • Brushed lining helps prevent sliding and protects skin
  • Polyester fabric can be used in wet or dry environments
  • Sling is washable. See instructions on sling label
  • Available in four sizes: P, M, L, XL
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Style: Medium divided-leg
Material: Polyester/nylon
Color: Binding: purple
Overall Length: 62.8" Back length: 35.7"
Overall Width: 37.5"
Product Weight Capacity: 450 lb
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