EasyStand StrapStand

EasyStand StrapStand
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Price is not the only factor to consider when buying your new EasyStand StrapStand, the fast delivery from Sportaid is a crowd pleaser!


The EasyStand StrapStand is a strap-style stander. The StrapStand lifts you directly from your wheelchair, bed, or other seated surface into the standing position – no transfers necessary! Fits individuals from 5’-6’5″ and up to 350 lbs.

StrapStand Benefits:

  • No-transfer
  • Full upright, over-center stretch possible while standing
  • Familiarity in long-term care – similar to a patient lift
  • Ease of use leads to increased compliance
  • Swing-out legs accommodate wide wheelchairs

The difference between the EasyStand StrapStand and other strap-style standers is the lifting design. The lifting arms gently lift you vertically first, then gradually pull you over center, rather than pulling your knees into the knee pad and forcing the sit to stand transition. This greatly reduces pressure on the knees.

Standing Frame Standard Accessories:

  • Two 3” Casters
  • Two 4" Wheels
  • Foot Plates
  • Kneepad
  • No-tray Chest Pad
  • Hydraulic Actuator with Handle
  • Black Upholstery
  • Charcoal frame

*** Lifting Strap not included.***

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Frame Style
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Lifting Straps
Learn more
80811 Lifting Strap-9"Wx25"L( +$174.66)
80719 Lifting Strap-12"Wx28"L( +$174.66)
80962 Lifting Strap-14"Wx32"L( +$174.66)
80882 Adjustable Lifting Strap-10"Wx26"L (for fixed arm wheelchairs)( +$174.66)
80881 Adjustable Lifting Strap-12"Wx29"L (for fixed arm wheelchairs)( +$174.66)
80963 Adjustable Lifting Strap-14"Wx32"L (for fixed arm wheelchairs)( +$174.66)
82205 Adjustable Sling Strap-9"Wx25"L (for fixed arm wheelchairs)( +$174.66)
82206 Adjustable Sling Strap-12"Wx28"L (for fixed arm wheelchairs)( +$174.66)
82207 Adjustable Sling Strap-14"Wx32"L (for fixed arm wheelchairs)( +$174.66)
82280 Adjustable Lifting Harness-10"Wx26"L(for fixed arm wheelchairs)( +$231.24)
82281 Adjustable Lifting Harness-12"Wx29"L (for fixed arm wheelchairs)( +$231.24)
82282 Adjustable Lifting Harness-14"Wx32"L (for fixed arm wheelchairs)( +$231.24)
Actuator Handle
Learn more
Learn more
P82261 Narrow Clear Tray (2” narrower lift arms)( +$564.98)
P82262 Narrow Clear Angle Adjustable Tray (2” narrower lift arms)( +$820.82)
PNG50393 Black Molded Tray( +$438.70)
PNG50394 Clear Tray( +$564.98)
PNG50397 Black Molded Angle Adjustable Tray( +$701.10)
PNG50398 Clear Angle Adjustable Tray( +$820.82)
Tray Accessories
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PNG50042 Hand Grips (for clear tray only, pair)( +$114.80)
PNG30000 Large Contoured Chest Pad( +$105.78)
PNG30295 Padded Tray Cover (tray required, n/a w/ Narrow Trays)( +$168.92)
Knee Pads
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P82202-1 Slide-In Knee Pads( +$328.00)
P82101 Independent Knee Pads (pair)( +$692.08)
P82189 Independent Roho Knee Pads (pair)( +$702.74)
Foot Plates and Foot Plate Accessories  
P82090 Multi-Adjustable Foot Plates (pair, recomended for users 5’10” and up)( +$196.80)
P82144 XL Foot Plate( +$226.32)
PNG30030 Foot Straps-15"L (length over top of foot, pair)( +$33.62)
PNG50505 Foot Straps-21"L (length over top of foot, pair)( +$33.62)
PNG30031 Secure Foot Straps-15"L (length over top of foot, two pair)( +$86.92)
PNG50506 Secure Foot Straps-21"L (length over top of foot, two pair)( +$86.92)
Positioning Options  
P80829 Upper Body Support Strap( +$109.88)
P82062 Grab Handles (pair)( +$114.80)
P82160 Transport Handle( +$161.54)
P80809 Tool Pouch( +$18.04)

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Height Range 5′- 6’5″ 152-195cm  
Weight Limit 350lbs 159kg  
Kneepad Height Range (footplate to top of pad) 18″-21″ 46-53cm  
Kneepad Width (center to center) 9” 23cm  
Kneepad Depth Range (from back of heel) 6”-9.5″ 15-24cm  
Front Pad Depth Range (from back of heel) 2”-12.5” 5-32cm  
Front Pad Height Range (from footplate to center of pad) 40″-56″ 102-142cm  
Inside Width / Wheelchair Access 22.75” 58cm  
Locking Caster Diameter 3″ 8cm  
Standard Footprint 34”x28” 86x71cm  
Frame Color Oxford Gray    
Upholstery Color Black    
Weight of Basic Unit 125lbs 57kg  
Lifting Strap – Small 9”x25” 23x64cm  
Lifting Strap – Large 12”x28” 30x71cm  
Lifting Strap – XLarge 14”x32” 36x81cm  
Adjustable Lifting Strap – Small 10”x26” 25x66cm  
Adjustable Lifting Strap – Large 12”x29” 30x74cm  
Adjustable Lifting Strap – XLarge 14”x32” 36x81cm  
Range of Adjustable Lifting Straps 0”-8” 0-20cm  
Tray Height (from footplate) subtract 1″ or 2.5cm for Acrylic 42″-58″ 107-147cm  
Tray Size (Molded or Acrylic) 21″x24″ 53x61cm  
Swing-out Legs Footprint 30″Wx38.5″L 76x98cm  
Swing-out Legs Inside Access (wheelchair front width up to) 38” 97cm  
Actuator Handle Extension Adds 7” Adds 18cm  
Angle Adjustable Tray Range 0-35°    
Upper Body Support Strap Pad Size 5.5”x24” 14x61cm  
Upper Body Support Strap (adjustment range) 33”-70” 84-178cm  
Foot Straps (range over arch) 7″-17″ 18-43cm  
Secure Foot Option (range over arch) 7″-17″ 18-43cm  
XL Footplate-Placement Area (each foot) 7”x14” 18x36cm  
Independent Knee Pad Depth Range (from back of heel) 3.5″-8″ 9-20cm  
Independent Knee Pad Height Range (from footplate) 17″-22.5″ 43-57cm  
Independent Kneepad Size 7″Wx9″H 18x23cm  
Independent Kneepad Roho Insert Size 5″Wx7.5″H 13x19cm  
Multi-Adjustable Footplates (height from floor) 1″-5″ 2.5-13cm  
Multi-Adjustable Footplates Toe-out Adjustment Neutral to +15°    
Multi-Adjustable Footplates Plantar/Dorsiflexion Adjustment -20/+20°
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