EasyStand Bantam - Extra Small/Small

Price is not the only thing that matters when it comes to buying your new EasyStand Bantam - Extra Small/Small, great customer service is priceless!


Named for the undersized chicken that has inspired such popular phrases as Bantamweight Fighters, the EasyStand Bantam is made for users within the approximate height rangs of 28” to 40” who weigh about 50 lbs. This EasyStand sit-to-stand stander can also suit users 36” to 54” and up to 100 lbs in weight.

Standard Features:

  • Foot Plates
  • Knee Pads
  • Gas Spring Lift with Foot Pedal
  • Planar Seat and Back
  • Black Upholstery
  • Two Front wheels
  • Two Rear Locking Casters
  • Chest Strap
  • Red Frame
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Choose Size  
Frame Color  
Frame Style  
PT50009 Supine Positioning (head support required)( +$118.08)
PT50150 Mobile (n/a w/Shadow Tray, Supine Positioning, or Front Swivel Casters)( +$1,000.40)
PT50177 Tall Mobile (n/a w/Shadow Tray, Supine Positioning, or Front Swivel Casters)( +$1,000.40)
PT50116 Front Swivel Casters (n/a/ w/Mobile Options)( +$129.56)
PT50170 Front Swivel Casters for Swing-Away Front (n/a/ w/Mobile Options)( +$129.56)
Seat Adjustment  
Lift Mechanisms  
Trays/Front Supports  
PT50074 Black Molded Shadow Tray (na/ w/Mobile Options)( +$430.50)
PT50076 Clear Shadow Tray (na/ w/Mobile Options)( +$626.48)
PT50148 Black Molded Tray with Swing-Away Front (n/a w/Mobile Options)( +$625.66)
PT50144 Clear Tray with Swing-Away Front (n/a w/Mobile Options)( +$742.92)
PT50146 Oversized Tray with Swing-Away Front (n/a w/Mobile Options)( +$840.50)
PT50188 Clear Angle Adjustable Tray with Swing-Away( +$796.22)
PT50186 Black Molded Angle Adjustable Tray with Swing-Away( +$680.60)
PT50190 Oversized Angle Adjustable Tray with Swing-Away( +$897.08)
PNG50042 Hand Grips (for use on clear tray only)( +$110.70)
PT50156 Elbow Pad-9.25” Cutout( +$104.14)
PT50160 Elbow Pad-11” Cutout( +$104.14)
PNG30295 Padded Tray Cover (n/a w/Oversized Tray)( +$164.00)
Footplates/Knee Pads/Seat  
PT50006 Multi-Adjustable Footplates (pair)( +$156.62)
PT50080 Foot Straps (pair)( +$31.98)
PT50082 Secure Foot Straps (two pair)( +$63.14)
PT50166 Swing-Away Kneepads( +$156.62)
PT50048 Contoured Seat( +$256.66)
PT30060 Easy-Wash Cover for Planar Seat( +$61.50)
PT30061 Easy-Wash Cover for Contoured Seat( +$61.50)
PT50007 Hip Supports (pari, n/a w/contoured seat)( +$264.04)
Positioning/Back/Upper Body Supports  
PT50056 Contoured Back( +$256.66)
PT50008 Lateral Supports (pair, not available with contoured back)( +$264.04)
PT30066 Positioning Belt( +$40.18)
PT50128 High Mount Chest Vest Bracket( +$55.76)
PT50086 Chest Vest-Extra Small( +$200.90)
PT50088 Chest Vest-Small( +$200.90)
PT50062 Head Support-Extra Small (cushion size 4”H x 9”W)( +$264.04)
PT50064 Head Support-Small (cushion size 5”H x 10”W)( +$264.04)
PNG50040 Push Handles (pair)( +$110.70)
P80809 Tool Pouch( +$17.22)
P80246 Seat Angle Locator( +$25.42)

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