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Wheelchair Rear Wheels


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Topolino has a 25 year legacy of providing some of the best quality Wheelchair Wheels. This legacy has culminated in the fusion of the Carbon Core WX2.5, the world's lightest wheelchair wheelset. Weighing only 1.3 pounds each and inspired by high performance bicycle wheel technology, the strength and durability of the WX2.5 is far from rival.

The hybrid construction of Kevlar and carbon fibers within a thermoplastic resin matrix go toward the spokes. The carbon fibers and the Kevlar respectively create a combination of premium stiffness and overpowering toughness. This is the introduction of an amazingly strong and super light unique material. Topolino employs composite spoke material that boasts more strength than a 14g stainless steel spoke at only one-fifth the weight.

The thermoplastic resin and Kevlar/carbon fibers combine well to significantly dampen road vibration, making a difference you can feel. Conventional steel spokes transmit vibration very efficiently, a quality that makes for great guitar strings. That makes steel a poor option for wheelchair spokes transmitting much road vibration to the rider. Topolino’s unique composite spoke material has much lower sustain and damps much of that harsh vibration before it reaches the rider, and this contributes to the success of the beloved Topolino Carbon Core WX2.5. The rate of vibration dissipation and decay is much more rapid with composite material than with steel. Thus, Topolino’s composite spokes squelch vibration much more effectively than steel spokes.

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