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Sportaid Attire & Wheelchair Stuff


Sportaid offers a range of attractive and durable cotton and polyester T-shirts and Sweatshirts in various colors. Our collection of outdoor clothing helps you enjoy each and every moment of your outings. So now, get the look you are after by choosing the best fit for you to perform your outdoor activities wisely. Our original line of T-shirts and sweatshirts offers comfort as well as protection from snow, wind, rain and others.


Our high quality selection of Sportaid Attire & Wheelchair Stuff includes our Camo Hat, Sportaid Grey Sweatshirt, Black 2nd Generation T-shirts, Sportaid Adult Wheelchair Backpack, Sportaid Youth Wheelchair Backpack, Wheelchair Impact Guards, and many other useful accessories. With our inventory of wheelchair accessories you can trust that you are getting the same standards of quality and performance expected from the original equipment manufacturer.


Take as much time as you want to select your favorite casual attire from our listings below. If you find it difficult to locate what you want or have a question about something in particular, feel free to call 1-800-743-7203 for help. This way, you get what you want in the easiest way possible.


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Sportaid H-Wheelchair Straps
(0 reviews)  
Retail: $39.00 save 13%
The Body Bracer - Abdominal Binder
(5 reviews)  
Retail: $39.00 save 19%

Padded Knee Strap - 48" Long, 12" Pad
(0 reviews)  
Retail: $49.00 save 20%
Sportaid Black Sweatshirt
(0 reviews)  

Sportaid Grey Sweatshirt
(0 reviews)  
Retail: $29.50 save 24%

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