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Surgical Wound Care Tape


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Micropore Surgical Tapes from Sportaid are great for securing wound care dressings to any wound and serve other functions like securing tubing and catheters. These surgical tapes are comfortable and porous, and they stretch to accommodate swelling and movement. Sportaid brings you the superior quality surgical tapes from Micropore.Take advantage of all these functions with Micropore Paper Tape from Sportaid.

Sportaid offers reliable and effective options to ensure proper prevention and protection from infection. To ensure your safety and comfort, browse through our selection of Surgical Wound Care Tape or feel free to call 1-800-743-7203 for expert assistance. And be the best you can be by choosing Sportaid as your wound care needs supplier.

Sportaid is the place for Micropore with savings as great as 26%!


Micropore Paper Tape
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