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Topolino Carbon Core WX2.5, The Worlds Lightest Wheelchair Wheel

Topolino Carbon Core WX2.5, The Worlds Lightest Wheelchair Wheel
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The World’s Lightest Wheelchair Wheel

Spending more than 25 years producing top level wheelchair wheels has made Topolino a household name, and the culmination is the Topolino Carbon Core WX2.5. A reputation as the world's lightest wheelchair wheelset is not lightly awarded, and that is part what makes the Topolino Carbon Core WX2.5 so special. The unbelievable light weight of Topolino's Carbon Core WX2.5 meshes with impressive durability and strength as inspired by high performance bicycle wheel technology. Put into perspective, the Topolino Carbon Core WX2.5 weighs only 1.3 pounds each. (not including tire or handrim)

  • Added Efficiency. WX2.5 wheels roll more easily and are easier to push. Mobility increases and fatigue diminishes with reduced effort.
  • Discover better health. Smooth and easy rolling means less stress on arms and shoulders, which often leads to repetitive motion injury among wheelchair users.
  • Easier to Use. WX2.5 wheels are easier to transport. Removing or breaking down a wheelchair often involves awkward lifting and arranging.
  • The WX2.5’s light weight makes transitions and storing easier, while enhancing independence and mobility.


Taking Advantage Of Today's Materials

The hybrid construction of Kevlar and carbon fibers within a thermoplastic resin matrix go toward the spokes. The carbon fibers and the Kevlar respectively create a combination of premium stiffness and overpowering toughness. This is the introduction of an amazingly strong and super light unique material. Topolino's composite spoke material demonstrates more strength than a 14g stainless steel spoke at only one-fifth the weight.


Light Weight Is Only The Beginning

The thermoplastic resin and Kevlar/carbon fibers combine well to significantly dampen road vibration, making a difference you can feel. Conventional steel spokes transmit vibration very efficiently, a quality that makes for great guitar strings. That makes steel a poor option for wheelchair spokes transmitting much road vibration to the rider. Topolino’s unique composite spoke material has much lower sustain and damps much of that harsh vibration before it reaches the rider. The rate of vibration dissipation and decay is much more rapid with composite material than with steel. Thus, Topolino’s composite spokes squelch vibration much more effectively than steel spokes.


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Price is for a pair and includes anodized handrims and Primo HP tires.

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Sizes:    available in 24” (540mm) or 25” (559mm) sizes
Wheelset Weight:   2.5 lbs (24” 540 size)    2.6 lbs (25” 559 size)
Spokes:    20 spoke, Continuous Carbon Fiber
Spoke Nipples:    ultra-strong 7075 T6 aluminum, cold forged and anodized
Rim:     heat treated 6061 T6 aluminum, proprietary double walled design
Hub:     patented Carbon Core™ advanced composite hub
Handrim:     4 tab handrim (available separately)
Bearings:    high performance sealed cartridge bearings.
Standard bearing spacing   2.30 inches (alternate spacing options are available)
Axles:     fit standard ½” axles
Wheelset Weight limit:   250 lbs

We Go All The Way

Rather than interrupting the Kevlar and carbon fibers, each spoke spans diametrically across the whole wheel. This reduces spoke stress at the hub and allows the continuous unbroken fibers in the spoke to span clear across the wheel.

With conventional steel spokes, the spokes are not well matched to the hub flange. As any wheel builder knows, steel spokes must be manually bent near the flange and forced into alignment to direct the spoke toward the rim.

This creates a flex point in the spoke and it is this flex and squirm of that is one of the main causes of spoke breakage due to fatigue.

In contrast, the Topolino hub and its spokes are perfectly mated into an integral unit to fully support each spoke within the hub flange. Even within the hub, each spoke is perfectly aligned with its span to the rim. Thus, the spokes are held in pure tension, with none of the fatigue-inducing movement or flex that is characteristic of conventional steel spokes.

Modular Construction

In the real world, stuff happens. Crashes can sometimes occur, potholes sometimes can't be avoided, and some of us have even been known to back into the garage without taking the bike off the roof. Even though we packed a whole bunch of technology and innovation into these wheels, they were designed to be repairable and to exist in the real world. Topolino's unique spokes and hub are built as modular "wheel halves" that are laced to the rim in a conventional fashion. This means that, if a wheel does become damaged (in a crash, for instance), the individual parts are all replaceable using conventional tools and the wheel may be easily rebuilt to live again.

Wheel-building robots do exist... but we don't use 'em. All of our amazing technology and innovation would be short-lived unless the wheels were built to the most exacting standards. Our skilled wheel-builders have many years of experience in their craft. Each Topolino wheel is fully built by hand and every spoke is tuned an gauged for perfectly balanced tension. We have even developed proprietary processes to insure that all of the spokes are specially pre-stressed and settled. In fact, we have the most exacting standards of final spec in the industry. The net result? A wheel that is perfectly true and round and built to stay that way.


If you need to send us a wheel for repair, please contact Topolino directly. We will service your wheel with a Return Authorization (RA) number. To process an RA we need your contact information (name, address, telephone number, email, etc), payment information (date of purchase & retailer), and the serial number(s) of the wheel(s) in question. Once we have this information we will issue an RA number, which MUST be marked clearly on the outside of the package. You should also keep a copy of the RA number for your own records and safekeeping.

If there is no RA# on the outside of the package, the wheel will unfortunately be refused and automatically returned, as we need a reference identification.

The wheel should be packaged and shipped back to Topolino Technology:
Topolino Technology - Attn: SERVICE DEPARTMENT / RA# _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _
21 Diamond Avenue
Bethel, CT 06801 USA
Phone: 203-778-4711


Topolino Technology warrants that a new wheel will be free from manufacturing defects in materials and workmanship for a period of one year from the date of consumer purchase (proof of purchase is required), provided the wheel is used within the guidelines set forth in this owner’s manual, and under normal conditions. This warranty is expressly limited to the repair or replacement of a defective wheel and is the sole remedy of the warranty. Topolino Technology shall repair or replace (at its sole option) any parts found by Topolino Technology to be defective and subject to this Limited Warranty. The original owner shall pay all labor charges related to the repair or replacement of the wheel. This warranty covers only the original purchaser of this wheel, and is not transferable. This warranty does not apply to normal wear and tear (scratches, etc.) nor to failures that arise from neglect, abuse, improper maintenance, alterations, modifications, accidents, crashes, misuse (including without limitation stunt riding, offroad riding, etc.), or neglect. This warranty does not cover damage due to shipment, improper assembly or assembly with non-compatible components. This warrantee does not cover any product whose serial number has been damaged, modified, or erased. Any implied warranties, including warrants of merchantability and fitness for a particular purpose shall be limited in scope and duration in accordance with this Limited Warranty. Topolino Technology shall not be responsible for any direct, incidental, consequential, or exemplary damages suffered by any party. The foregoing statements of warranty are exclusive and in lieu of all other remedies. This Limited Warranty gives you specific legal rights; you may also have other legal rights, which vary from state to state. Some states do not allow limitations on the duration of implied warranties, or the limitations or exclusion of incidental or consequential damages; therefore, the some of the limitations and exclusions set forth in this Limited Warranty may not apply to you. The Limited Warranty set forth herein may not be extended, enlarged or otherwise modified by any Topolino Technology retailer, agent or employee, and Topolino Technology does not assume any liability or make any warranty except as stated in this Limited Warranty.

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