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Spinergy Stealth PBO Handcycle Wheels - Clincher

Spinergy Stealth PBO Handcycle Wheels - Clincher
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Price is not the only factor to consider when buying Spinergy Stealth PBO Handcycle Wheels, the fast delivery from Sportaid is a crowd pleaser!

The ultimate racing and training wheel - they are fast, durable and lightweight. Ideal for stage races, triathlons, cyclo-cross and everyday riding. A reliable carbon wheel which features speed, durability and ease.

Spinergys high performance super durable aero wheelset takes performance and ride quality to new levels. The Stealth PBO has been proven in battle in the harshest of conditions and is an extremely versatile wheelset. Features Spinergys Patented PBO™ spokes offering unmatched performance and shock absorbing qualities to take the harshness out of road conditions. The Stealth PBO is built to last and ready to take anything you can throw at it coming back straight and true, mile after mile. The Stealth PBO can handle both needs for training and racing miles with a durable 43mm carbon rim and integrated aluminum brake surface. A proven race winner in any condition and one you will be happy to ride each and every day.

The Stealth PBO features front 16 spoke radial and rear 20 spoke Radial/2-cross configuration providing all the performance without sacrificing durability or speed. They are designed to keep the rotational weight down and sustained speed up. Uses Spinergys exclusive CNC machined design, force-10 tapered hub with strong straight-pull spoke mounting and aerospace grade aluminum axle, rolling on a Spinergy designed HADLEY® aluminum freehub body.

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Spokes      PBO™
Spoke Count Front      16
Spoke Count Rear      20
Lacing Front      Radial
Lacing Rear      Radial/2-Cross
Spoke Colors      Standard: Black or White
Optional Colors      Blue, Orange, Yellow, Green, Red, Pink
Rim Style      43 mm Carbon Fiber Clincher with aluminum brake surface
Hub Front      Custom Made CNC machined hidden flange front
Hub Rear      Custom Made CNC machined Shimano/SRAM- 8/9/10/11, Campy 9/10/11
Bearings      Stainless Steel / Enduro Ceramic optional
Size      700c / 650c
Extras      Quick release skewers, rim tape, truing tool
Weight      Combined F/R Wheelset 1825g (700c) / 1700g (650c)

Recommended Wheel Maintenance


Spinergy recommends having your wheels trued and maintained by an authorized Spinergy dealer or reputable bicycle dealer. Due to the flexibility of PBO spokes, they may feel under tensioned when compared to a rigid steel spoke. If you tension PBO spokes to the point where they may feel like steel spokes, you will have over-tightened the spoke and risk damaging the rim. Increasing spoke tension beyond factory values will not improve performance or durability of the wheel. Spinergy’s Limited Warranty does NOT cover improper maintenance.

  • Spinergy PBO wheels utilize nipples, which are recessed inside the rim.
  • To access the nipples, remove the tire, tube, and rim strip.
  • Use the spline wrench to hold the spoke stationary, and the “¼” nut driver” to turn the nipple inside the rim. Failure to hold the spoke stationary while turning the nipple will cause wind up of the spoke. The twisting of the individual spoke may render your wheels round and true while static, but this will allow the wheel to lose true as soon as load is applied, and may PERMANANTLY DAMAGE your wheels.


We recommend that you use a Park Tm-1 tension gauge to adjust spoke tension only if tension is below these values:

TIP: Always use blue 248 loctite (or equivalent strength) thread locker on spoke threads when replacing a spoke.

Road Wheels 20-23 22-24 11-14 14-16 14-16 7-10
MTB Wheels N/A 22-24 12-15 N/A N/A N/A


Cartridge style bearings are press fit, and should ONLY be replaced

  • by an authorized Spinergy dealer, or reputable bicycle shop.
  • Submerging bearings or spraying them with high-pressure water will cause bearings to wear prematurely, resulting in costly repairs.

REMEMBER – Like any part on your bicycle, your Spinergy wheels require, periodic inspection for signs of failure, and routine maintenance. If you are not capable of performing these inspections or maintenance, please visit your Authorized Spinergy Dealer or a reputable bicycle shop in your area.

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