RibGrips Handrims

RibGrips Handrims
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Price is not the only thing that matters when it comes to buying RibGrips Handrims, live customer service is priceless!


A wheelchair handrim designed by a quadriplegic veteran, RibGrips are perfect for anyone looking to push their wheelchair with more ease and comfort. The ergonomic/responsive soft rib discs increase performance and decrease fatigue. RibGrips' unique material offers longevity and 360 degrees of grip. With this patent pending product you can say goodbye to gloves and calluses and hello to a whole new level of mobility.


  • Fits 24'' wheels
  • Latex free
  • Over molded 360° onto aluminum handrims
  • Sold in pairs

Be sure and check out the videos below!  This item has been discontinued but we have 1 pair of black 25" Q tab handrims left in stock

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Average customer rating:
(2 reviews)  

2 Most useful customer reviews (see all reviews):
Mark Overson
Apr 4, 2018
for me with limited grip, these are the best push rims I've used

Advantages: easy palm push ability

Disadvantages: we will see how they stand up over time, so far excellent
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Gail Rehman
Aug 29, 2018
This product has increased my comfort and endurance while wheeling beyond any other hand rim: this is reason enough to make RibGrips my first choice of hand rim after using Natural Fit and trying various coated and anodized rims on my 25" wheels. I no longer have to wear gloves while wheeling, unless to keep my hands warm in cold weather: very convenient, and using gloves does not interfere with grip at all. I an paralyzed at T9 and have severe rheumatoid arthritis. RibGrips hand rims allow a most secure grip while being gentle on very sensitive and painful joints.

Advantages: ~RibGrips are comfortable in very hot and very cold weather, and all in between.
~While not "tacky" in feel, the material and design gives real security even when one's grasp is weak.
~My bare hands never get cuts from dings as in a solid rim, and my wheeling callouses are even smoothed away now.
~When I graze a door way or furniture, RibGrips do not scratch or leave any mark.
~RibGrips wipe off easily and shed dry matter without special care, unlike solid surfaces which readily get and remain sticky.
~After 2 years of constant use, my RibGrips look the same as new! Color hasn't faded, ribs have not worn down at all.
~Another plus is that I can wear rings and bracelets again without damaging them, so wheeling in style and enjoying normal accessories again.
~Price is reasonable, worth every penny IMHO.

Disadvantages: None found in 2 years of use!
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RibGrips FAQs

How durable is rubber on RibGrips handrims?

  • Unlike the vinyl or rubber coated handrims. RibGrips Handrims can take a strike from a sharp objects without the material peeling off.
  • The material is extremely resistant to tearing and separation. The material can be stretched up to 10x the design dimensions and return to original size without wear.
*RibGrips are over molded 360° onto aluminum handrims.*  

 How long do RibGrips handrims last before I have to replace them?

  • During research and development RibGrips users found that their RibGrips handrims lasted from 12-14 months before showing significant signs of wear.
  • Further, aggressive users found that even after ribs became worn, the base layer of material provided enhanced braking and propulsion.

Will I get friction heat burn on my hands from Ribgrips handrims?

  • Users may need to get used to applying less grip pressure when slowing and braking. Less contact and grip pressure is required with RibGrips (compared to other pushrims). This is due to the mechanical advantages of Ribgrip's material and rib design.
  • Excessive grip pressure may lead to some friction heat due to the inherent “grab-you-back” properties of the material.

Are RibGrips handrims Latex free?

  • Yes, RibGrips handrim material are Latex free. 

Why are RibGrips handrims wider than the normal rubber coated handrims?

  • RibGrips handrim are 1/4 inch wider in diameter than the average rubber coated handrim.  This maximizes gripping surface and ergonomic feel while still allowing users to fit through standard sized doorways.

When will you have other sizes available?

  • Our Riv-To-Tab conversion hardware will allow our current 24 inch handrim to be attached to 25 inch tab rims. 
  • We are currently working on different sizes.  We don’t have an exact ETA on when these will be available. Please sign up with our newsletter so you can be notified when these become available.

How do RibGrips work in wet weather conditions?

  • Testing and feedback from customers has concluded that RibGrips work very well in snow and light rain! However, like any coated handrim, RibGrips will be slick if continuously soaked from rain.

 How do I clean my RibGrips Handrims?

    • Ribgrips are designed to self clean and resist debris build-up with regular use. Extra cleaning and sterilization may be accomplished as follows;
      • Use an alcohol solution to limit microbial proliferation. We recommend using a spray bottle and misting the ribs allowing the solution to get in between the rib discs. Then wipe once clockwise and counter clockwise 360° with a damp cloth.
      • Using a soft plastic bristled brush along with liquid soapy water, brush once or twice clockwise and counter clockwise 360°. Allow 1 to 2 minutes to dry. 

                 *From Brandon Handel Co-Founder (C-5/C-6 Quad)

“Occasionally I get tiny pebbles, pine needles, sand or small debris caught in between the rib discs. Nothing sticks to this material. It seems to resist everything. The small particles will simply come out as you push. I rolled through my backyard after wet grass had been mowed. I expected the grass to stick in the rib discs, but instead, the grass stuck to the tire.”

 (6 months of usage on the handrim. Never cleaned or washed)

(See Below)

“I spend a lot of time outdoors. Initially I expected all the pebbles and dirt to get caught in between the ribs when rolling on the high points of the road where the dirt touches the handrims but the dirt stuck to the tire.” 

 (7-1/2 months of usage on the handrim.  Never cleaned or washed)

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