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Quickie Breezy Ultra 4 Standard Wheelchair

Quickie Breezy Ultra 4 Standard Wheelchair
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Price isn't all that matters when you are considering buying your new Quickie Breezy Ultra 4 Wheelchair, excellent customer service is priceless!


Breezy Ultra 4 Lightweight wheelchair comes standard with many adjustable parts and features to make this a fantastic standard wheelchair.


  • 19.5" Seat-To-Floor Height, 24" Rear Wheel, 8" Front Caster
  • Quick Release Wheels for easy vehicle loading
  • Angle Adjustable Front Casters
  • Wraparound Armrest for a narrower overall width
  • Adjustable Axle positions allow 3 height adjustments
  • Quick Adjust Footrests - adjust without tools
  • Height Adjustable Back with built in pocket w/closing flap - adjust without tools
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Frame Color  
Frame Width/Depth  
Front Seat Height  
Seat Sling  
Back Type  
Backrest Upholstery  
Extension Tubes  
Caster Plate  
Caster Plate Position  
Rear Wheel/Tire  
Rear Anti-Tip  
Wheel Lock  
Accessories (Ships Separately)  
BZU7081 - Amputte Offset Kit( +$54.60)
BZU8071 - Wheel Lock Extensions - Standard / Hemi PR( +$42.00)
BZU5091 - Elevating Legrest Standard & Hemi (16" - 20" Wide), 8" Plate( +$157.50)
BZU5092 - Elevating Legrest Small (14"- 16" Wide), 6" Plate( +$157.50)
BZU5095 - Elevating Articulating Legrest( +$255.50)
BZU9009 - Tray Table - Desk Arm( +$147.00)
BZU9002 - Tray Table - Full Arm( +$147.00)
BZU7006 - 24" MAG Wheel, Low Poly Tire, PVC Cost Handrim (pair)( +$189.00)
BZU7009 - 24" MAG Wheel, Pneumatic Airless Insert, Aluminum Handrim( +$189.00)
BZU7018 - 24" MAG Wheel, Full PolyTire, Aluminum Handrim( +$189.00)
BZU9005 - Crutch Holder( +$56.00)
BZU9004 - Oxygen Tank, Left Mount( +$66.50)
GEY-IVP - Telescoping IV Pole( +$69.30)
BZU9001 - Auto Seat Belt with Hardware( +$46.90)

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Colours SpaZz Wheelchair
Front Tube 8" x 2" w/ 90 Degree Valve Stem
Front Tube 8" x 1-1/4" w/ Straight Valve Stem
Front Wheelchair Tube 8" x 2" with 45° Valve Stem
Hatch Quad Push Wheelchair Gloves
Thera-Band Progressive Resistance System
Athletic Tape
Top End Crossfire T6 Aluminum Wheelchair
Wheelchair Arm Rest 10" or 14" Pr
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 Frame in Multiple Combinations
Frame in Multiple Combinations

The Breezy Ultra 4's sleek, refined frame makes it one of the lightest folding wheelchairs in its class. Available in 40 ready-to-ship models, the Ultra 4 accommodates your specific needs to offer you enhanced function and positioning.

Premium No Charge Options

The Ultra 4 comes standard with premium features including quick-release wheels for easy transport, quick-adjust footrests, and up to three axle positions for adjusting seat height.

 Premium No Charge Options
 Built-in Adjustability
Built-in Adjustability

The highly-adjustable Ultra 4 can be customized to fit your individual positioning needs. Components such as foot plates, hangers, back canes, and seat heights can be adjusted based on cushion selection, while the angle adjustable back enhances postural support. To make the most out of your Ultra 4, add the JAY GO or JAY Basic cushions and backs.

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