Top End Terminator Everyday Wheelchair

Top End Terminator Everyday Wheelchair
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Price isn't all that matters when you are considering buying Top End Terminator Everyday Wheelchair, excellent customer service is priceless!


Sportaid has brought you the lightweight Top End Terminator's top level features and performance to an everyday chair. Every bit of undivided attention to detail and expert craftsmanship that it put into the manufacturing of each award-winning Top End sports wheelchair has been etched into this model intended for everyday use.

This is the chair for any everyday user who knows what they need and aren't looking for superfluous adjustments, custom-built to your preferences and handcrafted. This chair is yours with the Ergo Seat option for improved poster, pressure distribution and propulsion made possible by the "sweet spot" in the frame which is the perfect point for your pelvis to rest. If you have been sitting in squeeze of 2" plus, this chair is meant for you.



  • Custom 6061T6 rigid full frame design built of 1" tubing
  • No more caster caps falling off with the new smart fork
  • Fixed back or folding, adjustable height, adjustable height tubular footrest and adjustable center of gravity
  • Adjustable tension seat and back upholstery
  • 22", 24", 25", 26" or 700C high performance wheels, high pressure clincher tires, anodized pushrims, high or low wheel locks, 3, 4 or 5 in. front casters
  • Fixed or adjustable camber system with camber of 0 degrees, 3 degrees, 6 degrees, 9 degrees, 12 degrees


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Frame Type  
Frame Modifications
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CAD Drawings  
Footrest Covers  
Lower Rear Frame  
Rear Suspension Option  
Seat Width  
Seat Depth  
Front Seat Height
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Rear Seat Height
Learn more
Ergo Seat
Learn more
Caster Difference Rear to Front
Learn more
Front Frame Angle
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Foot Space Width
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Back Type
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Back Height Adjustments
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Side Guards  
Push Handles  
Caster Forks  
Rear Wheels
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Spinergy Spoke Color  
Rear Wheel Tire
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Handrim Mount  
Camber Tube w/Single Camber
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Extra Camber Tube Insert w/Single Camber
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Adjustable Camber System (Choose Two)
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0° - Primary Angle
3° - Primary Angle
6° - Primary Angle
9° - Primary Angle
12° - Primary Angle
0° - Secondary Angle
3° - Secondary Angle
6° - Secondary Angle
9° - Secondary Angle
12° - Secondary Angle
Extra Camber Inserts for Adj. Camber (Choose Two)
Learn more
TED46 0°( +$50.00)
TED46 3°( +$50.00)
TED46 6°( +$50.00)
TED46 9°( +$50.00)
TED46 12°( +$50.00)
Camber Insert Release Type  
Seat Rigidizer  
Anodizing Accents (Forks and Backrest Angle Bracket)  
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Wheel Locks  
Wheel Lock Options  
Calf Strap - STD
TED103 Luggage Carriers( +$80.00)
TED29 Seat Pouch( +$28.00)
TED144 Heavy Duty Seat Pouch( +$80.00)
TED72 Positioning Strap - Hook and Loop( +$32.00)
TED74 Positioning Strap - Auto Style( +$40.00)
TED14 2" Soft Cushion( +$60.00)
TED21 Spoke Guards - Clear( +$60.00)
TED21 Spoke Guards - Black( +$60.00)
TED23 Rear Anti Tippers( +$80.00)
TED26 Crutch Holder( +$100.00)
TED52 Anti-Tipper w/3" Swivel Wheel( +$120.00)
TED94 Alignment Guage( +$60.00)
TED28 Frame Protectors Set (2 Front, 1 Rear)( +$48.00)
TED136 ChairArmor Black Neoprene Frame Protectors( +$52.00)
TED137 ChairArmor Blue Neoprene Frame Protectors( +$52.00)
TED138 ChairArmor Red Neoprene Frame Protectors( +$52.00)
TED145 Water Bottle and Cage( +$40.00)
Upholstery Colors  
Frame Color (see Accessories Studio below)  

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Frame: Custom built rigid lightweight manual chair. Dimensions built to exact specifications including position of front caster housings, front and rear seat heights and front frame angles. Available in curve or square rear frame; tapered or V front frame; with or without suspension. For complete details see on-line product order form and brochure. Ergo Seat Option available.
Frame Tubing: 6061T6 aluminum built of 1" diameter. This metal tubing material is very strong and lightweight but without the high cost of titanium.
Seat Width: 12"-18" plus custom sizes in 1/2" increments.
Seat Depth: 14"-18" plus custom sizes in 1/2" increments.
Seat Height: Front seat-to-floor height: 17"-21". Rear seat-to-floor height: 14.5"-21". Both seat heights available in custom dimensions in 1/2" increments.
Back Height: Available as fixed or folding back with fixed or adjustable back heights. See order form for exact specifications.
Back Angle: Back angle is adjustable on the folding back. Four fixed back angles are available.
Back Options: Adjustable tension upholstery is standard: straps w/D ring system. Foldover upholstery is optional. Integral push handles and bolt-on push handles are available.
Wheels: 24", 25", 26" and 700C wheels feature quick release axles and are high performance radial spoked with double wall rims and high flange hubs equipped with high pressure clincher primo tires and anodized aluminum pushrims. Optional Spinergy Spox wheels are available in yellow or black spokes. 1 3/8" treaded, knobby and Kik tires are also available.
Wheel and Caster Size: Rear wheels: 22", 24", 25", 26" or 700C Front semi-pnuematic caster: 4", 5" or 6". Softroll aluminum casters are optional.
Camber Angle: Single camber tube available in cambers of 0-20 degrees or choice of adjustable camber system available as a no charge option with choice of two cambers: 0, 3, 6, 9 and 12 degrees.
Footrest: One piece tubular footrest or adjustable angle one piece footplate available. Carbon fiber or plastic footrest cover optional.
Arm Style: Swingaway or padded adjustable height T-arm with sideguard available as options. Arm accessories include: removable sideguards, removable cloth sideguards with rigidizer, fixed aluminum or carbon fiber sideguards, folding aluminum or removable side guards with fender.
Foot Space Width: Footspace width for tapered front end is seat width minus 6" and for V style is seat width minus 5". For seat widths of 12", 13" or 14" it is recommended to measure the end user's feet to be sure the opening will be wide enough.
Caster Suspension Options: Rear Suspension and Frog Leg front suspension forks add only 1 pound of total weight to the chair. See on-line brochure for more details on this great technology.
Product Weight: Complete chair from 20 pounds including wheels for a 16" wide by 16" depth chair equipped with minimal options.
Product Weight Capacity: 250 pounds for standard chair. 350 with Heavy Duty Ooption.
Warranty: Lifetime frame, one year parts.
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