EasyStand StrapStand Classic

EasyStand StrapStand Classic
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The most active paraplegics will find that the EasyStand StrapStand Classic provides an easier way to stand. The minimalist design is great for those who believe less is more. The EasyStand StrapStand Classic's seat platform is lifted smoothly by a gas spring when the lift handles are rolled forward, and it locks into place securely once the standing position is achieved. As long as the user can self transfer and has unrestricted use of their hands, arms and shoulders will find the EasyStand StrapStand Classic has been made for them.  Please note: All options ordered on-unit are in place of similar standard items.

StrapStand Benefits:

  • Posture is the focus of the EasyStand StrapStand Classic's superior standing frame as it extends the hips over center resulting in a natural hip flexor stretch the maximizing the potential weight bearing. The EasyStand StrapStand Classic is also backless, so the upper body range of motion is not restricted while in the standing position.

Standing Frame Standard Accessories:

  • Two 3” Casters
  • Two 4" Wheels
  • Foot Plates
  • Kneepad
  • Hydraulic Actuator with Handle
  • Black Upholstery
  • Charcoal frame
  • Black Molded Tray with Chestpad  (No tray substitutions please)
  • Your Choice of Lifting Strap
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Frame Style  
Choose One Free Strap  
Additional Lifting Straps  
80811 Lifting Strap-9"Wx25"L( +$174.66)
80719 Lifting Strap-12"Wx28"L( +$174.66)
80962 Lifting Strap-14"Wx32"L( +$174.66)
80882 Adjustable Lifting Strap-10"Wx26"L (for fixed arm wheelchairs)( +$174.66)
80881 Adjustable Lifting Strap-12"Wx29"L (for fixed arm wheelchairs)( +$174.66)
80963 Adjustable Lifting Strap-14"Wx32"L (for fixed arm wheelchairs)( +$174.66)
82205 Adjustable Sling Strap-9"Wx25"L (for fixed arm wheelchairs)( +$174.66)
82206 Adjustable Sling Strap-12"Wx28"L (for fixed arm wheelchairs)( +$174.66)
82207 Adjustable Sling Strap-14"Wx32"L (for fixed arm wheelchairs)( +$174.66)
82280 Adjustable Lifting Harness-10"Wx26"L(for fixed arm wheelchairs)( +$231.24)
82281 Adjustable Lifting Harness-12"Wx29"L (for fixed arm wheelchairs)( +$231.24)
82282 Adjustable Lifting Harness-14"Wx32"L (for fixed arm wheelchairs)( +$231.24)
Trays/Tray Accessories  
PNG30000 Large Contoured Chest Pad( +$105.78)
PNG30295 Padded Tray Cover (tray required)( +$168.92)
Foot Plates and Knee Pads  
P82090 Multi-Adjustable Footplates (pair, recomended for users 5’10” and up)( +$196.80)
P82144 XL Footplate( +$226.32)
PNG30030 Foot Straps-15"L (length over top of foot, pair)( +$33.62)
PNG50505 Foot Straps-21"L (length over top of foot, pair)( +$33.62)
PNG30031 Secure Foot Straps-15"L (length over top of foot, two pair)( +$86.92)
PNG50506 Secure Foot Straps-21"L (length over top of foot, two pair)( +$86.92)
P82101 Independent Knee Pads (pair)( +$364.08)
P82189 Independent Roho Kneepads (pair)( +$456.74)
Actuator Handles  
Positioning Options  
P80829 Upper Body Support Strap( +$109.88)
P82062 Grab Handles (pair)( +$114.80)
P82160 Transport Handle( +$161.54)
P82188 Swing-out Legs (pair, for wheelchairs greater than 22” wide)( +$443.62)
P80809 Tool Pouch( +$18.04)

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StrapStand Specifications

Height Range 5’- 6’5” 152-195cm
Weight Limit 350 lbs. 159kg
Kneepad Height Range (from foot plate) 14.5”-19.5” 37-50cm
Kneepad Width (center to center) 8.5” 22cm
Kneepad Depth Range (from back of heel) 3.5”- 6” 9-15cm
Kneepad Size 9”x15.5” 23x39cm
Front Pad Depth Range (from back of heel) 3.5”-10.5” 9-27cm
Table Height Range (from foot plate) 41”-50” 104-127cm
Inside Width / Wheelchair Access 22.75” 58cm
Locking Caster Diameter 3" 8cm
Footprint 31.5”x27.5” 80x70cm
Frame Color Charcoal
Upholstery Color Graphite Gray
Weight of Basic Unit 135 lbs. 61kg

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