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Colours Chump Youth Wheelchair

Price is not the only thing that matters when it comes to buying Colours Chump Youth Wheelchair, live customer service is priceless!


What is important in a pediatric wheelchair? You have got to have strength, simplicity, and durability. That is what the "CHUMP" is here to offer, plus a growth program specially meant for growing children who need a chair that grows with them.


  • Comfort and position of full adjustability
  • Customizable options for a tailored fitted frame
  • Growth package available
Product details
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Frame Colors
Learn more
Seat Width
Learn more
Net Seat Depth
Learn more
Seat Depth
Learn more
Frame Depth
Learn more
Footrest Width (inside clearance)
Learn more
Learn more
Front Frame Angle
Learn more
Backrest Height
Learn more
Backrest Type  
Backrest Angle
Learn more
Front Seat Height
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Rear Seat Height
Learn more
Center of Gravity
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Camber Angle
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Seat to Footrest
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Inside Wheel Clearance
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Rear Wheel Size  
Spinergy Spoke Color Only  
Handrim Tabs  
Rear Tires  
Fork Options  
Aluminum Forks w/Suspension Springs( +$41.25)
Aluminum Forks w/Quick Release Axles( +$80.25)
Frog Legs Suspension  
Wheel Locks  
Push Handles  
Arm Rests  
Side Guards  
Seat Cushion  
Anti-Tippers (pair) Quick Release( +$84.00)
Suspension Springs, Front Casters (may increase front seat height 1")
Basketball Roller( +$46.50)
Frame Protectors Black Leather Zipper Type( +$58.50)
Axle - Quad Quick Release Flip Up( +$74.25)
Spoke Protectors, Black( +$80.25)
Spoke Protectors, Black( +$80.25)
Quick Release Axles, Rear
Fixed Bolt Axles, Front
Calf Strap Adjustable w/Velcro - STD
Seat Belt, Auto Buckle 1.5( +$51.75)
Backrest Leather Trim( +$57.75)
Colours Back Pack( +$41.25)
Upholstery Choice & Color
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