TiLite TX Titanium Folding Wheelchair

Price is not the only thing that matters when it comes to buying your new TiLite TX Titanium Folding Wheelchair, great customer service is priceless!


The technology of the folding wheelchair has evolved and so born is the new TiLite TX. Finite Element Analysis or FEA and rapid prototyping are the latest methods applied to TiLite's chairs, plus the recommendations of an expansive customer base. The TiLite TX takes a cross-brase design that is nothing short of radical, and the side frame is one piece. TiLite's innovative movements have created a light and compact chair that allows wheelchair users to propel more effectively, while providing a ride smooth enough to be called mythical.


  • Built to Spec – Every TX is CAD drawn and built by hand to meet customer requirements
  • 3-2.5 Aerospace grade titanium frame
  • Welded one piece Side Frames, Lock-In Saddleds, in board mounted Seat Rails, and over center mounted cross-brace for durability and performance of an almost rigid chair.
  • Over center mounted cross-brace means a narrower folded size for the TiLite TX relative to other chairs.
  • Adjustable Center of Gravity
  • 70º, 80º and 85º Tapered or Non-Tapered Front Frame Angles Available
  • Weight: 16 x 16 without rear wheels is 12.3 pounds
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Color Anodize Package
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Seat Width
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TXGRD1 - Spoke Guards - Clear Lexan w/TiMotion Logo( +$84.00)
TXGRD2 - Spoke Guards - Scooter Frog (n/a w/Mag Wheel)( +$200.20)
TXGRD3 - Spoke Guards - Color Spectrum (ROYGBIV) on Black (Shadow Wheels Only)( +$200.20)
TXGRD4 - Spoke Guards - Purple Party (Shadow Wheels Only)( +$200.20)
TXUEST1 - Upper Extremity Support Tray - 12” to 14” Seat Widths A (Requires Armrests)( +$182.00)
TXUEST1 - Upper Extremity Support Tray - 13” to 15” Seat Widths A (Requires Armrests)( +$182.00)
TXGS1 - GRIP Solutions Lap Tray( +$61.60)
TXLUG1 - Luggage Carriers( +$91.00)
TXMPCT2 - Neoprene Impact Guards w/Ultrasuede Stripe (Black)( +$65.80)
TXMPCT2 - Neoprene Impact Guards w/Ultrasuede Stripe (Sapphire)( +$65.80)
TXMPCT2 - Neoprene Impact Guards w/Ultrasuede Stripe (Red Pepper)( +$65.80)
TXMPCT2 - Neoprene Impact Guards w/Ultrasuede Stripe (Burnt Orange)( +$65.80)
TXMPCT2 - Neoprene Impact Guards w/Ultrasuede Stripe (Sub-Lime)( +$65.80)
TXMPCT2 - Neoprene Impact Guards w/Ultrasuede Stripe (Ultraviolet)( +$65.80)
TXMPCT2 - Neoprene Impact Guards w/Ultrasuede Stripe (Expresso)( +$65.80)
TXMPCT2 - TiLite NiteLite Neoprene Impact Guards w/Reflective Stripe( +$65.80)
TXHS1 - TiLite 9 Piece SAE Round Handle Folding Hex Key Set( +$18.20)
TXSCBT1 - Satin Finish Buffing Pads( +$11.20)
TXAFP2 Name Tape Patch (Army)( +$65.80)
TXAFP2 Name Tape Patch (Navy)( +$65.80)
TXAFP2 Name Tape Patch (Air Force)( +$65.80)
TXAFP2 Name Tape Patch (Marines)( +$65.80)
TXAFP3 Combat Wounded Purple Heart Patch( +$65.80)
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1/2" Sealed Wheelchair Fork Stem and Rear Wheel Bearings
Advantage Wheelchair Deluxe Down Under Bags
Invacare Absolute Wheelchair Cushion
Schwalbe RightRun Wheelchair Tires 24", 25" x 1" (25-540, 559) pair
Guardian Suction Cup Footpiece Set
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