Quickie 2 Lite Folding Wheelchair

Price is not the only thing that matters when it comes to buying your new Quickie 2 Lite Folding Wheelchair, great customer service is priceless!


Quickie's folding wheelchair family has been graced by the Quickie 2 Lite, and Sportaid has got it. The Quickie 2 was well-received, but imagine it in a simpler package and lightweight. Our most active wheelchair users will be pleased with this mix of style, fit, and performance. The Quickie 2 Lite pays testament to their old slogan, "Nothing Beats a Quickie."

Optional Equipment: Pictured with cushion

  • 2" Cushion
  • Side Guards
  • Armrests
  • Coated Handrims
  • Performance Wheels
  • 5" Soft Roll Casters
  • 3", 4" or 5" Light-up Casters


Find a lower price and Sportaid will Beat it!
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Frame Style
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Frame Inset - Fixed Front Only
Learn more
Seat Width
Learn more
Seat Depth
Learn more
Frame Length  
Front Seat to Floor Height
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Caster Housing
Learn more
Caster Fork  
Frog Legs  
Caster Options  
Swing Away Hanger  
Extension Tubes
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Footplate Options  
Lower Leg Length Setting
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Rear Seat to Floor Height
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Rear Wheel Size/Type
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Rear Wheel Tire
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Back Type  
Angle Adjustable Back Setting  
Push Handles  
Back Upholstery  
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Backrest Height Setting  
Armrest - Padded Swing Away  
Armrest - Height Adjustable  
Arm Pad - Height Adjustable  
Wheel Locks  
Extension Handles  
Rear Anti-Tip  
Side Guards  
Positioning Belts  
Belt 1.5" - Auto Buckle w/Clamps( +$56.00)
Belt 2" - Aircraft Buckle w/Clamps( +$88.00)
Belt 2" - Aircraft Buckle Padded w/Clamps( +$96.00)
Grade Aid( +$120.00)
2" Foam Cushion( +$96.00)
Transit System( +$280.00)
184A120 - Positioning Belt Slide Clamps( +$32.00)
184A23 - Spoke Guard - Black( +$92.00)
184A302 - Quickie Spoke Guard - Clear( +$92.00)
184A1 - Quickie Black/Charcoal Adult Backpack( +$44.00)
184A2 - Quickie Black/Charcoal Kids Backpack( +$40.00)
184A8 - Quickie Seat Pouch - Black( +$36.00)
184A500 - Gel Cover Hanger/Frame( +$84.00)
184A994 - Gel Cover for Swing Away Arms (pair)( +$84.00)
184A82 - Caddy( +$36.00)
184IG2 - Neoprene Impact Guard( +$68.00)
184A54 - Extra Leg Strap - Black( +$24.00)
184A83 - Tool Kit( +$20.00)
Frame Color
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184C140 - Aztec Gold
184C2 - Black (n/a w/Zebra)
184C141 - Black Cherry
184C10 - Black Opal
184C38 - Blue Opal
184C36 - Candy Blue
184C14 - Candy Purple
184C35 - Candy Red
184C142 - Electric Blue
184C143 - EverGreen
184C126 - Glow
184C144 - Green Apple
184C147 - Hot Sparkle Pink
184C148 - Mauve Pink
184C103 - Rootbeer
184C114 - Sparkle Silver
184C145 - Sunrise Orange
184C113 - Titanium Color Paint
184C8 - Yellow
184C116 - Matte Black
184C151 - Matte Black Cherry
184C150 - Matte Electric Blue
184C149 - Matte Evergreen
184C152 - Matte Purple
184C112 - Desert Camouflage( +$236.00)
184C43 - Mossy Oak Camouflage( +$236.00)
184C42 - Stars and Strips( +$236.00)
184C108 - Zebra (Choose above base color)( +$236.00)

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Wheelchair Impact Guards
JAY Easy Wheelchair Cushion Curved or Flat Bottom
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Ultra Lightweight
Overall Weight: 27.75 lbs (frame, wheels, arms, hangers w/ footplates). We left no stone unturned, by thoroughly examining the weight of each core element we found real savings. For example, common sense would lead you to believe that a 3-arm cross brace weighs more than a 2-arm. Our R&D team found a way using internal ribs to take weight out without compromising strength and durability.
Using the same guiding principles as the industry-leading Quickie 2, the Quickie 2 Lite offers a highly-adjustable modular frame. It features multiple front frames and seat rails in combination with an independent cross brace and rear frame. This is important when considering any potential changes in a user's condition, function, growth and/or environment. When expanding or lengthening the chair, only select components need to be replaced, not the entire chair.
Q-Fit™ Technology
Used inside many of the connecting components, Q-Fit ensures a tight fit right out of the box. The padded swing-away armrest and the plastic side guard both feature living spring receivers that are virtually wiggle-free. The footrest extension features anti-rotation receivers and a pressure-lock clamp that can withstand up to a 1000 lb load, about the same weight as an average male polar bear.
Curb Appeal
The rounded rear frame, reduced side profile, Q-gusset, redesigned front caster housing and footplate all give the Q2 Lite a smooth, contoured, and natural feel.

Built to meet the requirements of HCPCS code: K0005
Product Weight: 27.75 lbs. (Std options - 16" x 16" frame size, 24" spoke wheels, arms, hangers)
Product Width: 14" - 20" seat width
Product Length/Depth: 14" - 20" seat depth
Product Height: 14.5" - 21" front seat-to-floor height
Shipping Dimensions (box 1): 32"w x 36"h x 13"d
Ship Method(s): Ground, Next Day, 2 Day, 3 Day
Product Weight Capacity: 265 lbs.
Shipping Weight: 50 lbs.
Launch Date: September 15, 2008
Caster Options: 3", 4", 4 x 1.25", 4" x 1.5", 5", 5" x 1.5", 6", 6" x 1.5"
Rear Wheel Options: 20", 22", 24", 25", 26"
Transport Weight: 14.2 lbs. (16" x 16" frame, without arms, hangers, rear wheels or accessories)
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