Quickie Q7 NextGen Wheelchair

Quickie Q7 NextGen Wheelchair
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Price isn't all that matters when you are considering buying Quickie Q7 NextGen Wheelchair, excellent customer service is priceless!


It is Sportaid's pleasure to bring you the Quickie® Q7 with ShapeLoc Technology and 7000 Series Aluminum. This chair is pushing the edge of modern mobility and could be considered the end-all in the light-weight wheelchair world. Check out the Quickie Q7's tight, dense package of lifestyle and performance options in a superb design available in more sweet colors than ever. Find out why they say, Q7...lighter weight, lighter price.  Pictured with optional anodized color package, aluminum caster wheels, and Spinergy LX Wheels.  Weight capacity: 265 lbs.


Top of the Line Materials and Technology

Top of the Line Materials and Technology

The genius behind the Q7 NextGEN's featherweight frame is 7000 series aerospace aluminum. ShapeLoc Technology - the process of heat treating 7000 Series aluminum - increases its strength, allows for thinner tube walls, and decreases overall weight. By combining ShapeLoc Technology with ovalized tubing, the Q7 wheelchair delivers an incredibly strong, rigid ride that weighs as little as 13.3 pounds with wheels and maximizes your speed and efficiency with every push.

(Q7 NextGEN exclusive Glossy White frame color pictured left)

Balanced Perfection

The Q7 NextGEN's geometry is designed for precision and grace. With custom frame lengths and caster wheel placement options, the Q7 wheelchair properly distributes your weight over the rear wheels so you can be quick and nimble while maintaining stability.

Balanced Perfection
Adjustable & Active Rigid Frame Styles

Adjustable & Active Rigid Frame Styles

Whether you are a new user or have been a loyal Quickie fan for years, the Q7 NextGEN wheelchair has an option for you. The Adjustable frame accommodates changing environments and conditions, and allows for quick back angle adjustments. The Active Rigid is ideal for those who know exactly what they need. A fully rigid frame wheelchair backrest reduces the overall weight by 1.25 lbs. and transfers energy directly from your arms to the axles for the most efficient propulsion.

(Quickie Q7 Active Rigid with Black Cherry frame pictured left)

Find a lower price and Sportaid will Beat it!
Choose Model  
Performance Package (no substitutions)  
Ultra Light Package (no substitutions)  
Frame Angle
Learn more
Frame Inset Per Side
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Frame Style
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Caster Housing Position
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Seat Width
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Seat Depth
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Seating System  
Front Seat Height
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Caster Fork  
Adaptive Platform Spacer
Learn more
Footrest Options  
186DI08 High Mount Ext Tubes (N/A w/Tubular footrest)( +$44.00)
186D103 Leg Strap( +$28.00)
186D104 Extra Leg Strap( +$28.00)
186D105 Gel Hanger Covers( +$84.00)
186D107 Neoprene Impact Guards( +$68.00)
186D102 Wear Pads( +$40.00)
186D106 Positioning Plates (NA for tubular footrest)( +$40.00)
Depth Adjustable Backrest (adjustable frame ONLY)
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Back Type  
Backrest Height  
Towel Bar  
Push Handles  
Backrest Upholstery  
Military Service Patches  
Backrest Options  
186OD5 Narrow Inset (Backcanes 1" narrower than seat width)( +$64.00)
186A192 Telescoping Push Handles (n/a w/Intergral Push Handles, Range of 13-19" height from sling)( +$172.00)
186A195 Telescoping Push Handles - Tall (25" from seat to push handles)( +$172.00)
Axle Plate  
Rear Suspension
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Xtender Power Assist (Available on adjustable version)  
Xtender Handrims  
Xtender Options  
Xtender Wheel Options  
Center of Gravity
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Rear Seat Height
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Rear Wheel Size
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Rear Wheel Type
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Rear Wheel Tire
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Armrest - Padded Swing-Away (adjustable frame ONLY)  
Armrest - Height Adjustable  
Wheel Lock  
Extension Handles  
Side Guard  
Side Guard Color Option  
Positioning Belt  
Backpack - Adult( +$44.00)
Backpack - Kids ( +$40.00)
Seat Pouch - Black( +$36.00)
Spoke Guard - Black( +$92.00)
Spoke Guards - Clear( +$92.00)
Crutch Holder( +$156.00)
Tool Kit( +$36.00)
Gel Cover for Swing-away armpad( +$84.00)
Anti-Tips( +$112.00)
Frame Color
Learn more
Bead Blast
Aztec Gold
Black (n/a w/Zebra)
Black Cherry
Black Opal
Blue Opal
Candy Blue
Candy Purple
Candy Red
Electric Blue
Green Apple
Hot Sparkle Pink
Mauve Pink
Sparkle Silver
Sunrise Orange
Titanium Color Paint
Glossy White - Limited Edition
Matte Black
Matte Black Cherry
Matte Electric Blue
Matter Evergreen
Matte Purple
Desert Camouflage( +$236.00)
Mossy Oak Camouflage( +$236.00)
Stars & Stripes( +$236.00)
Zebra (choose base color above. NA w/ black)( +$236.00)
Anodized Color Package  
: *
: *
: *
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Jul 4, 2015
I purchased my Q7 4 years ago through Sportaid & couldn’t be happier. I have found it to be sturdy & resilient as well as a stable & reliable platform suitable for everyday use. This chair has been designed, marketed & sold as an Ultra-light weight wheelchair & fits that bill perfectly. Its weight is comparable to titanium frames & the ovoid tubular rigid frame gives the chair a rigidity that I didn’t expect. Having read the other feedback posts here I’m confused about the 4.62 star rating as 4 of the five posts are so negative. Sportaid, lift your game here, it is misleading at best. That said I felt it necessary to add my 5 star rating as I’m genuinely impressed with my Q7 & can only assume that maybe some people have selected unsuitable build options for their needs or are trying to use this chair for purposes it was never intended for. I don’t have handles fitted so I can’t speak to the issues there but I can say that I am an unforgiving user (having been in chairs for more than 30 years) & have been happily jumping up & down gutters as well as bouncing down flights of stairs (not just single stairs) & never had reason to lose confidence. My chair is still performing perfectly, looks as new & keeps on going strong. I can’t say the same about the X-Core wheels I purchased with it, they’re a piece of crap but that’s another story.

Advantages: Light weight rigid frame, good looking resilient finishes, flexible build options, easy to clean & maintain.

Disadvantages: 2”towel rail can put pressure on the sacrum as the back webbing is inclined to stretch allowing the towel rail to rub against it – best go for the 4”rail if this could cause pressure issues. Front caster fork design takes a bit if getting used to as they protrude quite a bit & trend to be unsighted making bumping things easier than expected. Quickie Lite Spoke & UltraLite Spoke wheels use different spokes on the inside rim to the outside rim (straight pull spoke/L-spoke) making tuning the wheels difficult when replacing the inevitable broke spokes.
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I have one of these chairs in the same colour as the one pictured in the UK. Here it is called the Helium but is the same chair.

I've had it since Jan and its brilliant! no matter what scrapes the frame gets the paint doesnt chip! so light for car transfers as well and also really sleek looking :)
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Apr 23, 2016
Excellent Wheelchair!
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Built to meet the requirements of HCPCS code: K0005 (Adjustable)
K0009 (Active Rigid - Welded)
Product Weight: 17.5 lbs. (16" x 16" w/ std options)
14.0 lbs. (Lowest Weight Adjustable)
12.75 (Lowest Weight Active Rigid)
Product Width: 12" - 20" seat width
Product Length/Depth: 12" - 20" seat depth
Shipping Dimensions (box 1): 32"w x 36"h x 13"d
Ship Method(s): Ground, Next Day, 2 Day, 3 Day
Product Weight Capacity: 265 lbs.
Front Seat Height: 16" - 21"
Rear Seat Height: 13" - 20"
Center of Gravity: 1" - 4"
Back Height: 8" - 20"
Frame Angle: 75°, 80°, 85°
Caster Options: 3", 4", 4 x 1.25", 4" x 1.5", 5", 5" x 1.5", 6", 6" x 1.5"
Rear Wheel Options: 20", 22", 24", 25", 26"
Launch Date: September 28, 2009 - Adjustable
August 24, 2010 - Active Rigid

Unbelievably Light
The Q7 with rear wheels and wheel locks can be configured as low as 14 lbs! This feat is accomplished using 7000 Series Aluminum and ShapeLoc technology, which together increase overall rigidity without compromising weight. In addition, every element on the chair has been carefully analyzed and evaluated to eliminate any excess weight.
ShapeLoc Technology
Heat Treated aerospace 7000 series aluminum is the key to the Quickie Q7's remarkably low weight. Using a special post heat-treatment process, ShapeLoc technology unlocks the potential of this traditionally difficult alloy. The result is a remarkable tubing that's lighter than titanium, more rigid, and less expensive.
Unparalleled Performance
To maximize performance, ovalized tubing is used in the frame, axle plate, and caster housing. Its superior vertical strength decreases frame flex and increases overall rigidity. In addition, new caster setting options for small caster wheels make it possible to place casters further away from the center of gravity, which in turn makes the chair easier to maneuver.
Unique Style
With a sleek, ultra modern design, the Quickie Q7 lives up to Quickie's reputation for cutting edge design and style. The wide range of functional and contemporary options optimize your style. Over 20 frame colors and 6 hardware colors can be blended into hundreds of possible custom combinations.


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