Jay J3 Wheelchair Cushion

Jay J3 Wheelchair Cushion
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With Jay took its deepest considerations to the Science of Seating, the Jay J3 Wheelchair Cushion was born. Where the advancements led was a Jay J3 Wheelchair Cushion featuring unbelievable pressure distribution, comfort, heat and moisture dissipation, and optimal stability. The Jay J3 Wheelchair Cushion is easy to get your hands, it's comfortable, and it grow with you to facilitate your ever-changing needs. As the JAY Family grows, it approaches perfection. That is where the Jay J3 Wheelchair Cushion comes in.  Wt capacity: 500lbs.


  • The J3 is available with a wide range of positioning options to help the user maintain appropriate postural stability. Optional lateral and medial thigh supports as well as lateral pelvic supports are affixed securely to the cushion base.
  • Building a J3 Cushion SMART Part # is simple to create according to your specs. See the Quick J3 Cushion Reference Guide or order form for more detailed information.
  • The J3 can be ordered and shipped complete with a variety of Quickie manual and power chairs. This is a complete clinical solution when combined with a J3 Back!
  • The patent-pending new Pleating Geometry design of the fluid pads helps to increase immersion and envelopment. Pleats create greater surface area on the top of the pad and pleats expand to accommodate pelvic shape.
  • The new J3 Cushion is an excellent solution for today's bariatric population with its 500 lbs weight capacity available in all cushion configurations.
  • The ROHO DRY FLOATATION® Technology air PLA insert is available in a single chamber and dual chamber bladder. The single chamber bladder provides adjustable immersion and the dual chamber bladder provides an additional obliquity solution. Both systems provide evenly distributed pressure loading (A.K.A. hydrostatic loading) with outstanding stability via the JAY Optiwell™ Pelvic Loading Area. The best of both worlds!

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J3 Cushion Base  
Cushion Height (Thickness)
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Cushion Width & Depth
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Pelvic Loading Area Size
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Pelvic Loading Area Insert
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Positioning Components  
Lateral Thigh - 2" (pair)( +$16.00)
Medial Thigh - 2" (each)( +$16.00)
Lat Pelvic - 2" (pair)( +$16.00)
Lat Thigh & Medial( +$32.00)
Lat Thigh & Pelvic( +$32.00)
Medial & Pelvic( +$32.00)
Medial, Lat, & Pelvic( +$48.00)
Extra Cover for this cushion  
Stretch cover( +$81.00)
Incontinent cover( +$81.00)
Microclimatic cover( +$81.00)

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JAY OptiWell™ Pelvic Loading Area
Based on anthropometric research, the J3 Cushion's pelvic loading area (PLA) is optimally shaped and sized to evenly distribute pressure under the pelvis. Available in 3 sizes, the PLA can be selected and sized to fit the user's pelvis regardless of the overall cushion width. Our research suggests that pelvic width varies only slightly from user to user and is not proportional to hip width.
Pelvic Loading Area (PLA) Inserts Options
The PLA (Pelvic Loading Area) insert is available in four options: Factory Filled JAY Flow™ fluid, Field Variable JAY Flow™ fluid, Air Single ROHO DRY FLOATATION® Technology, and Air Dual ROHO DRY FLOATATION® Technology. These four inserts provide two important benefits: hydrostatic loading (even distribution of load) and adjustability (in-field adjustment or custom factory adjustment) to ensure the best possible immersion, pressure distribution, and stability.
New Cover Technologies
The J3 cushion features three cover options; stretch, microclimatic or incontinent-resistant. All 3 covers feature an advance patent-pending pleating design to prevent compromising the J3's pressure relieving properties. In addition, they also feature an underlying reticulated foam layer to provide comfort and wick away heat and moisture.
Custom and Standard Modifications
Just like the rest of the JAY Seating product line, the J3 cushion is available with a multitude of modification options, 20 of which are available at no charge. If you need an overfill, underfill, leg length cut, notch for posts, angle wedge, or a variety of other mods, it's as simple as a call to customer service!

Built to meet the requirements of HCPCS code: E2622/E2623
Product Weight: 16" x 18" Standard: 4.5 lbs. with fluid insert, 2.9 lbs. with dual air insert

16" x 18" Deep: 4.9 lbs. with fluid insert, 3.1lbs. with dual air insert
Product Height: Standard: 3.6" (Unloaded), 3.0" (Loaded - 175 lbs.)
Deep: 4.1" (Unloaded), 3.5" (Loaded - 175 lbs.)
Product Weight Capacity: 500 lbs.
Product Width (1" increments): Standard: 12" - 24"
Deep: 14" - 24"
Product Length (1" increments): Standard: 12" - 24"
Deep: 14" - 24"
Cover Options: Stretch, Incontinent-resistant, Microclimatic 3DX™ Spacer Fabric
Fluid Pad Policy: Fluid-Pad Policy If a Clinician, Certified Rehab Professional or Authorized Sunrise Medical Supplier has determined that the fluid volume is inappropriate for the original purchaser, Sunrise Medical, during the warranty life of the product, will, at Sunrise's discretion, replace the fluid pad or provide fluid supplement(s) free of charge. Requests must be submitted by an authorized Sunrise Medical Supplier. Shipping is not included.
Online Modification Availability: Yes
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