Invacare Top End XLT PRO Handcycle

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The Invacare Top End Excelerator XLT PRO 27 Speed Hand Cycle is a product re-engineering to meet maximum performance. Handcyclers across board can go for the Top End Excelerator XLT PRO to discover more power in a recumbent position. Today, Invacare Top End Excelerator XLT PRO Handcycles feature Top End V cranks as standard and hands-on shifting you will be ready to deliver more power to the pedals.

The Invacare Top End Excelerator XLT PRO Handcycle comes with 27 speeds and is a universal choice. Casual users and serious cycling competitors can agree. The XLT PRO's lightweight oval tube aluminum frame with chrome-moly steel fork features a simple geometry for maximum stiffness and improved cornering. The seat and back are totally adjustable for a perfect fit. The narrow rear end enhances aerodynamics and the 15 degrees of camber increases stability. The tall, narrow back offers the maximum range of motion and increased power transfer. This extremely stable and maneuverable, three-wheel handcycle is capable of speeds up to 30 m.p.h.

If you want a handcycle to give you and edge on the competition, you will find the performance upgrades available let you build a lean, mean racing machine tailored to your own exacting needs that, in the right hands, will deliver winning results. If you want a great way to exercise, cross-train or just have fun, the Invacare Top End XLT PRO is what you're looking for!


  • 6061T6 oval tube aluminum frame 4031 chrome-moly steel fork for strength and stiffness, adjustable back angle, narrow high back, road crown compensator and powder coat paint.
  • Top End V crankset with adjustable height crank assembly, 27 speed external cassette hub Shimano(TM) Top End components.
  • Adjustable fore and aft seat position Multi-position, adjustable footrest system and adjustable seat heights 10", 11" and 12" from floor.
  • Hands-on Rapid fire shifter for 11-32 cassette and maintainence free manual derailler for 48-40-28 upper chainring, reflectors, dual braking system, seat restraint.
  • 26 inch high performance, off-road or cruiser wheels; high pressure, knobby or cruiser clincher tires; quick-release or threaded axles.
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Frame Type  
Seat Width  
Back Style  
Top End V Crankset w/Ergo Handpedals
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Performance Wheels  
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Seat and Back Cushions - STD
Chain Guard - STD
Safety Flag - STD
Chest restraint: hook and loop - STD
XLT84 Crank width adaptor set (adds 1.5” per set)( +$16.00)
XLT12 Mirror, leg rest mount( +$24.00)
XLT63 Mirror, handle mount( +$28.00)
XLT13 Water bottle & cage( +$28.00)
XLT14 Cordless computer( +$100.00)
XLT15 Helmet - Small/Medium( +$60.00)
XLT15 Helmet - Medium/Large( +$60.00)
XLT6 Front safety light( +$20.00)
XLT7 Rear flashing light( +$20.00)
XLT17 Crutch holder & strap( +$100.00)
XLT9 Leg guard attachment( +$60.00)
XLT19 Tow bar for wheelchair( +$200.00)
XLT20 Bike rack for trailer hitch - 1 1/4" (+ Shipping Charges, We will email you a quote.)( +$450.00)
XLT20 Bike rack for trailer hitch - 2" (+ Shipping Charges, We will email you a quote.)( +$450.00)
XLT28 Backpack hydration system( +$80.00)
TER126 Click strap large (pad length~12")( +$68.80)
TER125 Click strap med (pad length~10”)( +$64.00)
TER124 Click strap small (pad length~8”)( +$60.00)
Upholstery Colors  
Frame Color
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