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Ultra Lightweight Rigid Wheelchairs


Price isn't the only thing when it come to getting your Icon products, experienced customer service is priceless!


Ultra Lightweight Rigid Wheelchairs from Sportaid.com exhibit state of the art performance in wheelchair technology, and there is a new Icon in the industry. When you get your Icon Ultra Lightweight Rigid Chair from Sportaid, you can have access to the best designs and the latest technology. On top of that, Sportaid adds to the mix the advice of some of the most experienced wheelchair users in the country that you can rely on.

Browse through our huge selection of Ultra Lightweight Rigid Wheelchairs to make your own judgements about Icon, or feel free to call 1-800-743-7203 for help choosing the right option today. You'll be glad you did!

Get the Icon Ultra Lightweight Rigid Wheelchair from Sportaid today and save 15% over the competition!


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