EasyStand StrapStand

EasyStand StrapStand
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Sometimes less really is more, so the EasyStand StrapStand follow a minimalist approach. The EasyStand StrapStand is designed for more active paraplegics and provide disabled people with an easier way to stand. A simple roll of the lift handles forward makes the EasyStand StrapStand's gas spring smoothly lift the seat platform and lock it securely into place when it reaches the standing position. Please note that the EasyStand StrapStand is meant specifically for people with limited mobility who still have full function of their hands, arms, and shoulders to enable self transferring.

StrapStand Benefits:

  • The StrapStand is the superior standing frame for posture with hips extended over center for hip flexor stretch and maximum weight bearing
  • No back allows upper body range of motion in a standing position

Standing Frame Standard Accessories:

  • Two 3” Casters
  • Two 4" Wheels
  • Foot Plates
  • Kneepad
  • No-tray Chest Pad
  • Hydraulic Actuator with Handle
  • Black Upholstery
  • Charcoal frame

*** Lifting Strap not included.***

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Frame Color  
Lifting Straps  
80811 Lifting Strap - Small (9" W x 25" L)( +$168.92)
80719 Lifting Strap - Large (12" W x 28" L) STD( +$168.92)
80962 Lifting Strap - XL (14" W x 32" L)( +$168.92)
80882 Adjustable Lifting Strap - Small (for fixed arm wheelchairs)( +$168.92)
80881 Adjustable Lifting Strap - Large (for fixed arm wheelchairs)( +$168.92)
80963 Adjustable Lifting Strap - XL (for fixed arm wheelchairs)( +$168.92)
82205 Adjustable Sling Strap - Small (for fixed arm wheelchairs)( +$168.92)
82206 Adjustable Sling Strap - Large (for fixed arm wheelchairs)( +$168.92)
82207 Adjustable Sling Stra - XL (for fixed arm wheelchairs)( +$168.92)
82280 Adjustable Lifting Harness - Small (for fixed arm wheelchairs)( +$223.86)
82281 Adjustable Lifting Harness - Large (for fixed arm wheelchairs)( +$223.86)
82282 Adjustable Lifting Harness - XL (for fixed arm wheelchairs)( +$223.86)
Trays/Tray Accessories  
P82261 Narrow Clear Tray (2” narrower lift arms)( +$547.76)
P82262 Narrow Clear Angle Adjustable Tray (2” narrower lift arms)( +$796.22)
PNG50393 Black Molded Tray( +$425.58)
PNG50394 Clear Tray( +$547.76)
PNG50397 Black Molded Angle Adjustable Tray( +$680.60)
PNG50398 Clear Angle Adjustable Tray( +$796.22)
PNG50042 Hand Grips (clear tray required)(pair)( +$110.70)
PNG30000 Large Contoured Chest Pad( +$102.50)
PNG30295 Padded Tray Cover (tray required)( +$164.00)
Footplates and Kneepads  
P82090 Multi-Adjustable Footplates (pair, recomended for users 5’10” and up)( +$191.06)
P82144 XL Footplate( +$218.94)
PNG30030 Foot Straps (pair)( +$31.98)
PNG30031 Secure Foot Straps (two pair)( +$83.64)
P82101 Independent Kneepads (pair)( +$353.42)
P82189 Independent Roho Kneepads (pair)( +$442.80)
Actuator Handle Extensions  
Positioning Options  
P80829 Upper Body Support Strap( +$106.60)
P82062 Grab Handles (pair)( +$110.70)
P82160 Transport Handle( +$156.62)
P82188 Swing-out Legs (pair, for wheelchairs greater than 22” wide)( +$430.50)
User Height, Weight, and Disability  

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